Character Info

Anti Temmie is an Anti Version of Temmie and one of the very few surviving Anti around during the Haze Saga. He normally serve very little threat comparing to size but serve as the brain of the crew. Being well known in making his own Death Note for Anti-Rosa.

His latest appearance was after the destruction of Anti-Hectare City where he hide in Mobius and help Marian Puppet hide a body through selling it to make his own universe, Similar to Troy Handcock in term of making Hectare City pay for the Anti Defeats. He was defeated by Nack and the gang after Craig the Hedgehog arrive to help. He blacked out hoping to get payback for everyone in the near future as the team escaped.

However because of his failed doing and for payback was force to changed gender, Transforming him into Temima. Afterward, He was left alone, Without any money to do anything to avenge his fallen Anti Team. He was later then taken by Patricia the Skunk and agree to start a new life, Even if it take time to adjust.


Comparing to an Original Temmie, He can speak normal English. Along with being even more greedy then them. Despite caring more about money then anyone else, He mainly care for the Anti Rising made by Anti-Steven and Evil Stocking. Even taking part in their plans by all means.

Appears in

Main Story

  • Death Note Saga (Creator of the Death Note)
  • Lost Love Saga (Serve Stronger Threat despite not being an Main Antagonist)
  • Time Crisis Saga (Possessed by Demigra)

Side Story

  • ???

What-If Story

  • ???

Friends and Enemies

Family Members

  • Anti-Steven (Master at the time)
  • Evil Stocking (Side Master)


  • Anti Rosa
  • Everyone who Anti
  • December (Formally)
  • Patricia the Skunk


  • Anyone who not in the Anti (Mainly Temmie)
  • Nergal Jr.
  • December and the Parasite (In killing some of his Anti Kind)
  • Marian Puppet




  • Anti-Temmie can might as well be fully based on Temmie from the Underfell AU. Possibly being the same person.