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Bratty and Catty are a pair of vendors that can be found in an alley to the right of the MTT Resort. They are best friends, often saying the same lines or finishing sentences for each other, usually in the American valley-girl dialect. They have several wares found from the Garbage Dump, including the Mystery Key.


Like most of the monsters, They used to be in the surface before. However when war break out between Monsters and Humans, They were sealed underground for a very long time. Eventually being free some time later after Gingka "SAVE" Asriel Dreemurr and break the barrier.

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  • Bratty and Catty's names are both actual words. Bratty can describe a spoiled, impudent, and ill-mannered child (most likely referring to Bratty's lack of formality and respect). Catty can mean either "deliberately hurtful in one's remarks" (referring to how some dialogue can be seen as intentionally disrespectful) or "catlike" (referring to their appearance and demeanor). The names "Bratty" and "Catty" also rhyme with each other.
  • Out of the two that normally stick together, Catty make the most appear solo, mostly do to being Samantha favorite.