Character Info

Helga Von Kraut is a magician who moved to Mobius to work on her magic. While she sometime lazy and not the smartest in the gang, She know alot of tricks and can help anyone out. Despite this, While her Magic is advance, She not good in term of defense, Making her easy to be a target to some if anyone wish to take advantage of her.

She thought of doing help in making sure Scourge the Hedgehog or anyone don't get hurt by making a poll on outlawing the timestop watch Amy Rose made for everyone, Including planning on executing Amy after reading some medieval books on what knights do to people who break their crime. However because of the guilt from those who were searching for Amy(Mainly Sonic, Patricia and others), She begin breaking down in madness and sorrow, Freeing Amy after some help by Scourge and was taken to Nack to help clear her mind.


While her childhood is unknown, It been told she appear in a TV Show called Death Stair(sorta like Wipeout or MXC) where the goal is to reach to the top of some long stairs to the end without getting hit by beachballs, dodgeballs or any other traps like mines. Due to the beating she had in that show, She doesn't want to bring it up with any of the other characters.

Appears in

Main Story

  • The Debate Saga (Main Antagonist, Even despite not trying to be evil by helping Scourge)

Side Story

  • ???

What-If Story

  • ???

Friends and Enemies

Family Members

  • N/A






  • Death Stairs, While a TV Show in the RP, Is a game playable on Steam. Both include Helga and involve the contender reaching the top while avoiding balls and other traps being fired.