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This involve if a character have a past.

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Main Story

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Side Story

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What-If Story

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Friends and Enemies

Family Members

  • Wade Hinomoto (Son)




  • Kizer Hinomoto (Husband or Ex-Husband, Broke up before the Haze Event do to Troy Handcock control on her.)


Joyce Neon best weapon is her Shock Hammer, Which is double as a scythe. The sharp end leave a nasty cut to the opponent while slamming the hammer part send an electrical shockwave to anyone near her.

In term of non-combat ability, She is known for continuing breaking the 4th wall of the Role-Play world, Making reference, changing some stuff in scenes and even appearing backstage. All mainly for humor.


  • The fact she can break the 4th wall alot is most likely based off of Deadpool from the Marvel Series. Being that she appear at the same year during the showing of Deadpool the Movie.
  • She is the only Saints Row OC to appear in the role-play, Unlike other characters like Killbane and Jyunichi who appeared in past RP based on their canon appearance in the game.
    • She also the only character based on one of the gang member in the game as there no other member in the gang from the series
  • Her relationship with her former husband, Kizer Hinomoto, is currently unknown do to the break up happening at the same time Steven and Samantha broke up and went their separate way.