These are Outfits depending on the characters. This is incase this become a Fanon Game.


# Default Retro
Starter Blue Stolen Armor and Sword Classic Jigglypuff with Microphone
1st Unlockable Knight Armor and Sword Green Headband (SSBM)
2nd Unlockable Bisharp Armor with Sharp Blade Red Bowtie (SSBB)
3rd Unlockable Halo Armor with Energy Saber Wigglytuff Hoodie

Hedgedroid 19-87

# Default Retro
Starter Robotic Samurai Pants Robotic Jack the Hedgehog Design
1st Unlockable Full Samurai Armor Robotic Sonic Boom Design
2nd Unlockable Spartan Armor Robotic Shadow the Hedgehog Design
3rd Unlockable Kung Fu Man Outfit Robotic Scourge the Hedgehog Design

Joyce Neon

# Default Retro
Starter Decker Outfit Roller Girl Outfit
1st Unlockable Decker Hoodies and Jean Hawaiian Outfit
2nd Unlockable Decker Street Clothes with Goggles Pink Power Ranger Outfit
3rd Unlockable Matt Miller Clothes Lollipop Chainsaw Outfit

Panda King

# Default Retro
Starter Sly 3 Outfit with Firework Jacket Sly 1 Pants only
1st Unlockable Mediatation Gear (Sly 3) Po (Kung Fu Panda)
2nd Unlockable Raiden (Mortal Kombat) Chinese Soilder
3rd Unlockable Heihachi Mishima (Tekken) Burning Rage
Bonus Unlockable Enlightened Zenyetta (Overwatch)


# Default Retro
Starter SC2 Flame Body Soul Edge Skeleton Body
1st Unlockable Concept Armor Design Tekken 6 Yoshimitsu Armor
2nd Unlockable Full Body Flames (SC1) Dragon Armor
3rd Unlockable Abyss Design SC5 Armor Design


# Default Retro
Starter DW8 Armor DW4 Armor
1st Unlockable Mecha Form Demon
2nd Unlockable Dragon Armor Gladiator
3rd Unlockable Piraka (Bionicle) DW1 Outfit


# Default Retro
Starter Her Glacius Form Her Original Form
1st Unlockable Ice Armor Snow Plum
2nd Unlockable Prehistoric Bone Abominable
3rd Unlockable Alien Tech Firefighter

Omega Pyrrha

# Default Retro
Starter Her Omega Form Her Original Form
1st Unlockable Soul Stealer Sophitia Alexandra Armor
2nd Unlockable Assassin of Life Cassandra Alexandra Armor
3rd Unlockable Soul Edge Servent Fluttershy Attire

Patricia the Skunk

# Default Retro
Starter Her normal outfit with Wings Her classic outfit without Wings
1st Unlockable Angel WereSkunk
2nd Unlockable Tracer (Overwatch) Equestria Girls
3rd Unlockable SkunkBat Layla the FoxSkunk
Bonus Unlockable Hectare / NMA 5: Downfall Outfit Brazil Capoeria

Dong Zhuo

# Default Retro
Starter DW8 Outfit DW4 Outfit
1st Unlockable DW7 Outfit DW3 Outfit
2nd Unlockable DW6 Outfit DW2 Outfit
3rd Unlockable Ganondorf (Legends of Zelda) King Dedede (Kirby)
Bonus Unlockable Bowser (Mario) Dr. Eggman (Sonic)

Sukanku Star

# Default Retro
Starter Her Normal Outfit Rosa Star Outfit
1st Unlockable Yin the HedgeSkunk Magic Mage
2nd Unlockable Star Protector Sword Wielder
3rd Unlockable Mobius Guardian Freedom Fighter
Bonus Unlockable Dragon Warrior


# Default Retro
Starter Papyrus-Like Armor Pink Torn Dress
1st Unlockable Undyne-Like Armor Toriel Dress
2nd Unlockable Mettaton Ex-Like Armor Frisk Clothes
3rd Unlockable Asgore-Like Armor Sans Clothes

Underfell Papyrus

# Default Retro
Starter His Underfell Armor His Normal Counterpart Armor
1st Unlockable Grim Reaper Costume Cool Dude Clothes
2nd Unlockable SC3 Revenant Costume Jog Boy Clothes
3rd Unlockable King Papyrus Costume Swaptale Clothes


# Default Retro
Starter His Shadowy Form Shadow Sukanku
1st Unlockable Demon Mask X
2nd Unlockable Tiger Mask X

Meng Huo

# Default Retro
Starter DW8 Namman Armor DW4 King Armor
1st Unlockable Prehistoric Bear
2nd Unlockable Islander Lion
3rd Unlockable Mammoth Shark

Rick the Crocodile

# Default Retro
Starter His Hometown Outfit Vector Attires
1st Unlockable TJ Combo Clothes DJ-P0N3 Shades and Headphones
2nd Unlockable Stone Cold Austin Attire Decker Jacket and Headset
3rd Unlockable Sin Cara Attire + Mask King Sultan Outfit


# Default Retro
Starter Her MK9 Outfit UMK3 Female Ninja Outfits
1st Unlockable Kitana MK2 Female Ninja Outfits
2nd Unlockable Jade MK1 Female Ninja Outfits
3rd Unlockable Mileena Khameleon
Bonus Unlockable Tanya ???


# Default Retro
Starter Deformed Skeleton with Organ Eye Burnt Skeleton without Eye
1st Unlockable Ghostly Gloves and Cape Spartan
2nd Unlockable Warriors Armor Punk
3rd Unlockable Viking Pirate


# Default Retro
Starter Z-Fighter Outfit Classic Red Shirt and Jean with Bandana
1st Unlockable Red Tank Top and Short Bee Attire
2nd Unlockable Orange Tanktop and Jeans Red Dress over Yellow Shirt
3rd Unlockable Sayain Armor Green Tanktop and Tan Pants
Bonus Unlockable SF Sakura Outfit Arale Norimaki Outfit

Bark the Polar Bear

# Default Retro
Starter Snow Gears No Snow Gears, Just Claws
1st Unlockable Yeti Kuma (Tekken)
2nd Unlockable Christmas Gear Black Bear
3rd Unlockable Heavy (Team Fortress 2) Panda
Bonus Unlockable Kuroi's Protector Team Hooligon Member


# Default Retro
Starter Ogre like form with Split Head KI1 Two-Headed Cyclops
1st Unlockable Champion Armor Ragdoll Attire
2nd Unlockable Scavenger Armor Misfit Attire
3rd Unlockable Warlord Armor Conflicted Attire


# Default Retro
Starter Devil-Like Form KI2 Gargoyle Form
1st Unlockable Overlord Attire Oz Flying Monkey Attire/Michievious
2nd Unlockable Celestial Attire Nightmare Clown Attire
3rd Unlockable Dragonmail Attire Aviator Attire