Character Info

Lotu is an purple inkling who join the Villainous Alliance to proof she can have fun without letting the law stop her, Being that she the only bad inkling of her kind comparing to the Octoling, The enemies of all Inklings from a past war.


Born in Piranha Pit near Inkopolis, Lotu was a born trouble maker. Do to her action in Inkopolis that is a problem to every inkling, Including ruining the Squid Sister birthday cake, She was known as a bad apple to all inklings, Claiming her as what some people would normally call a thug and was hated for it. Because of how she been treated like an outcast by every inkling, She left to show all heroes, mainly the law that she cannot be contained.

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Main Story

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Side Story

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What-If Story

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Family Members

  • Unknown Father
  • Unknown Mother






  • Lotu was the first inkling to appear in RP and was formally the only inkling character appeared. This was until Patricia Team Racing Saga when other inklings, Including the Squid Sisters appeared.