Character Info



His childhood remained unknown but sometime around 1983, He used to make a machine called Circus Baby for his daughter, However never allow her to go near her. One day at a party, His daughter step close to Circus Baby, Resulting in an accidental death by being sucked into her body. This drove him mad and after the Bite of 87, Drove him into a murdering spree, Killing the children and stuffing them in the Animatronic suits.

Appears in

Main Story

  • Purple Guy Saga
  • Five Nights at Freddy's 3 Saga (as Springtrap and 8-Bit form)
  • Sister Location Saga (as Side Character near the end)

Side Story

  • ???

What-If Story

  • ???

Friends and Enemies

Family Members

  • Baby (Deceased Daughter)
  • Circus Baby (Invention)



  • Everyone else, Including the other animatronic (counting Circus Baby)




  • He is one of the few characters from the FNAF series to appear multiple times with a long lasting role. The other few include Marionette and Circus Baby.
  • He is one of the few characters who took the longest time to reform to a good guy. Even if it was short lived and was for revenge.