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What Happened

Prologue: Meet the Newcoming Contestants

The Saga begins with 22 brand new contestants have selected to spend in a Dangerous wild Island like the original 22 contestants before them & have to face the judgement of their fellow campers, with one team who wins a challenge, while the other team who lost the challenge will send one of their own teammates home. The teams are formed in as the blue team, the Frostbites & the yellow team, the Watersoakers.

Day 1: Not So Happy Campers (Victory: FrostBites)

Sink or Swim Cliff Dive

The two teams arrive at a tall cliff in the morning, knowing that their first challenge will reach to new heights. The first task is jumping off a thousand foot high cliff into the lake with two target areas, but the danger zone is filled with psychotic man eating sharks, while the safe zone is the target area. The Winning Team will win an Extra Special Tool as an Advantage for the Next Challenge, which is building a hot tub back at the campgrounds. After Lujuan of the Frostbites, successfully made it to the safe zone, the rest get ready to follow suite, with Balrog, Emerald, Shantae, Christie, Donkey Kong, Retsuko, Grizz, Xiang-Ling, Leaf, Octavia, Kano, Tobe, Rainbow Mika, Yori landing in the safe zone, while Bubsy, Crash, Vanoss & Unikitty lands in the danger zone, with Bubsy taking a brutal beating from the sharks the most out of every contestant in this challenge. With both teams tied at 8 to 8 jumpers, Faith successfully made the safe zone landing, while Min Min missed the safe zone target, which means the Watersoakers wins the advantage with extra gear.

Sink or Swim, Hot Tub Building

While both teams carry their supplies to the campgrounds, all, except Bubsy, begin building their hot tubs, while Kano realised that the bobcat is missing, until he came back recovered with bandages, only to be told by Kano to don't touch anything. However once both tubs are complete, Doomsday & Fluttershy helps SplitSide on picking the best hot tub. With the results are in with the Frostbites having a pretty impressive hot tub, but due to Bubsy's meddling on the ropes of the Watersoaker's hot tub, it snapped one of the wood loose, causing a leak that drained the water, which means the FrostBites win their first challenge & rock their hot tub for the rest of the summer, while the Watersoakers, who are very cross with Bubsy's meddling that cost them the challenge, will have to settle this in the Campfire Ceremony.

Campire Ceremony (Eliminated: Bubsy)

The Watersoakers arrive at the Bonfire, to begin the ceremony, with SplitSide explaining the rules that the losing team must cast their votes on the camper they want to send home, when the host calls out your name, the camper must come up & claim their marshmellow, however if the eliminated camper doesn't receive a marshmallow must immediately return to the Dock of Shame to catch the Boat of Losers, meaning that they're out of the contest & can never come back, ever. With ten marshmellows on the plate, the ceremony begins. The first 5 marshmallows go to Christie, R.Mika, Shantae, Tobe, Yori. The next 4 marshmellows go to Donkey Kong, Crash, Faith & Retsuko. With both Bubsy & Kano at the bottom two, they wait anxiously for their final marshmellow of the evening. The final marshmallow goes to... Kano, meaning Bubsy is voted out of the island by everyone else. Donkey Kong tapes Bubsy mouth before he rambles on, as DK tosses the bobcat away onto the Boat of Losers, to finally send the most hated bobcat away & out of the island. It means that the Watersoakers now have a chance to bounce back for next time.

Day 2: The Big Sleep (Victory: WaterSoakers)

The Frostbites & the Watersoakers both wake up early in the morning to prepare for a 20 kilometre around the lake & they start their running to get to the Feast in time. The Campers that arrived in time in order are Unikitty, Retsuko, Grizz, Leaf, Octavia, Emerald, Crash, Donkey Kong, Yori, Lujuan & Kaya makes it in time before time runs out, leaving Balrog, Min Min, Vanoss, Xiang-Ling, Christie, Faith, Kano, Rainbow Mika, Shantae & Tobe to finish after the timer is up. However the Feast was actually planned to be an even more disadvantage along with a 20k run for the real challenge, which is the Awake-a-thon, meaning the team with the last person wide awake wins invincibility. As the challenge starts at nightfall, Lujuan is already falling asleep normally on 8:00pm sharp & as time progresses, many others like Grizz, Balrog, Crash, DK quickly fall asleep as well, while Kaya, Min Min & Faith fall asleep as well. Other that have eaten the Feast are struggling to stay awake, while Retsuko, Shantae, York, Xiang-Ling, Leaf, Octavia, Christie & R.Mika fall asleep, leaving Vanoss, Emerald, Kano & Tobe left wide awake, until Fluttershy begins telling a small story book, leaving Tobe & Emerald passed out to a cute tale, while Kano charges his eye for extra boost, leaving Vanoss passed out last, while calling him a cheating chump, with Kano for the win for the WaterSoakers.

Campfire Ceremony (Eliminated: The Grizz)

The Frostbites are now at the Campfire Ceremony, having cast their votes & made their decisions, since now there are 10 Blue Marshmellows on the plate, SplitSide explains the rules again to the Frostbites, making sure that every camper knows the rules of the Campfire Ceremony, which is ready to begin. The first two blue marshmallows go to Xiang-Ling & Emerald. Next up are Leaf & Octavia, Unikitty, Kaya & Min Min, Vanoss. Leaving 2 marshmellows left, going to Balrog and finally.... Lujuan. Meaning the Grizz was voted out as 2nd last, because the teammates can't trust a gang leader of criminals, but on the bright side Grizz's placing was above Bubsy. As the Grizz leave the island, hoping he wins the chance to come back, despite the rule of never coming back to the island.

Day 3: DodgeBrawl (Victory: FrostBites)

The two teams arrive at the Outdoors Gym for a classic game of Dodgeball for their challenge, since they know the rules, they're more than ready to play to get 3 points to win. The First Round begins with 5 team members for each team their representing.

Round 1 (FrostBites - 1 / WaterSoakers - 0)

  • FrostBites - Emerald, Balrog, Leaf, Octavia, Min Min
  • WaterSoakers - Retsuko, Kano, Crash, Faith, Shantae
  • Out - Min Min, Faith, Balrog, Shantae, Leaf, Octavia, Kano, Crash, Retsuko
  • Sole Survivor: Emerald (FrostBites)

Round 2 (FrostBites - 2 / WaterSoakers - 0)

  • FrostBites - Emerald, Kaya, Vanoss, Unikitty & Balrog
  • WaterSoakers - Christie, R.Mika, Donkey Kong, Crash & Tobe
  • Out - Vanoss, Unikitty, Crash, Tobe, Balrog, DK, Christie, Kaya, R.Mika
  • Sole Survivor: Emerald (FrostBites)

Round 3 (FrostBites - 2 / WaterSoakers - 1)

  • FrostBites - Emerald, Lujuan, Leaf, Octavia, Kayla
  • WaterSoakers - Kano, Christie, R.Mika, Retsuko, Crash
  • Out - Emerald, Crash, Lujuan, Christie, R.Mika, Kaya, Leaf & Octavia
  • Sole Survivor: Kano & Retsuko (WaterSoakers)

Round 4 (FrostBites - 3 / WaterSoakers - 1)

  • FrostBites - Emerald, Xiang-Ling, Min Min, Balrog & Unikitty
    • Catcher's Extras - Kaya
  • WaterSoakers - Kano, Christie, R.Mika, Retsuko, DK
    • Catcher's Extras - Crash
  • Out - Emerald, Crash, Lujuan, Christie, R.Mika, Kaya, Leaf & Octavia, DK, Retsuko, Min Min, Balrog, Christie, Crash
  • Sole Survivor: Emerald & Kaya (FrostBites)

Even after an emotional Sudden Death, Emerald beat Crash & win for the FrostBites, now remember to control her strength so she doesn't nearly injure Crash or anyone else like that again. Thou Crash is actually smiling & is proud of her, much to her happiness.

Campfire Ceremony (Eliminated: Crash)

Later that night, with 9 Yellow Marshmellows & only 10 members of the WaterSoakers only one camper will be going home & can never come back ever. The ceremony begins with the first marshmellow go to Faith & Yori. Next up, Christie & R.Mika, DK & Shantae, Tobe & Kano. With Crash & Retsuko the only two left & with only one marshmellow left. The Final marshmellow goes to... Retsuko. It is clear that Crash is eliminated for his own safety due to being the punching bag of Dodgeball. However Crash understands that he sees this coming following the aftermath as he get embraced by the hugs from Retsuko & the rest of the females, Crash leaves for home on the Boat of Losers.

Day 4: Not Quite Famous (Victory: FrostBites)

The 19 campers wakes up to see a large stage with Red Curtians. SplitSide arrives to explain to them that they're challenge is a Summer Camp Favourite, a Talent Show. Each team must pick the most 3 talented people to preform for Doomsday & Fluttershy, who are the judges, anything goes, even with partners on only music & magic based, as long as it's legal, much to Balrog & Kano's misfortune. As the teams got time to practice & pick out the most talented campers of them all. For the FrostBites are Xiang-Ling with Emerald on music based, Min Min with her noodles cooking skills & Kaya with her Ice Arrows. And for the WaterSoakers, it will be Tobe with his skills, Christie with her lovely Capoeira Dance & Donkey Kong with his feats of strength. With all 6 Talent Show contestants ready to represent their team, the Talent Show Challenge begins.

  • DK's Feats of Strength Challenge: Juggling Giant Boulders before tossing them in the air & jumps up to preform wind up powered punches at the boulders to smash them into tiny harmless pebbles before landing on his feet. (Fluttershy: 8/10, Doomsday: 10/10, Total: 18/20)
  • Kaya's Ice Archery Talent: Kaya shoots 2 arrows into the sky, turning & creating into Snow Eagles as they fly above the stadium, with some extra snow creating a snow mammoth under Kaya, which it launches her up to the Snow Eagles in term they form rings for her to jump through it before she lands on Snow Mammoth trunk. (Fluttershy: 10/10, Doomsday: 7/10, Total: 17/20)
  • Christie's Capoeira Dance: Christie preforms her Capoeira Dance, feeling the music & the rhythm of the music flowing within her, while also preforming her Capoeira moves on breaking the targets to the beat of the music, while also using her Samba Feathers to hover & fly while dancing before landing down gracefully with a pose. (Fluttershy: 9/10, Doomsday: 8/10, Total: 17/20)
  • Min Min's Noodles Cooking Talent: Min Min begins cooking her famous noodles, while using her pots & pans for juggling them before using her long arms for extra reach to catch them without spilling anything, before she finishes the act by catching the freshly cooked noodles from the sky with all 6 bowls. (Fluttershy: 9/10, Doomsday: 7/10, Total: 16/20)
  • Tobe's Ninja Skills: Tobe starts off easy with his Ninja Stars being balance on his sword, while preforming more ninja skills, however he accidently slice the support beam by mistake. (Fluttershy: 6/10, Doomsday: 6/10, Total: 12/20)
  • Xiang-Ling & Emerald's Duet Piano/Singing Music Act: Both sisters play the song "Ashes", while Emerald sings the lyrics, while Xiang-along plays the piano to provide the music. (Fluttershy: 10/10, Doomsday: 10/10, Total: 20/20)
  • Total - FrostBites: 53/60, WaterSoakers: 47/60

With Tobe's Blunder, Xiang-Ling & Emerald manage to make most of them cry in happy tears, remembering their times in the past, even Doomsday shed a single tear that would never happy again in a lifetime. Leaving the FrostBites on a winning streak, with the WaterSoakers, mostly emotional Members, have to pick someone home.

Campfire Ceremony (Eliminated: Tobe)

With the WaterSoakers back at the Campfire Ceremony with 8 Yellow Marshmellows on the plate, the ceremony begins once again. Christie & DK get the first two Marshmellows, followed by R.Mika & Shantae, then Yori & Faith & Retsuko. With Kano & Tobe, the Final marshmellow who deserve it more goes to... Kano. Tobe's elimination was a no brainer since his blunder cost the team the challenge. But the team we're still proud of Tobe for at least trying his best, even Kano wished Tobe the best of luck to him, adding that even Archer would be proud. Tobe bows to the team, wishing them good luck as well as he leaves on the boat of losers.

Day 5: The Sucky Outdoors (Victory: WaterSoakers)

For today's challenge will test both teams & their outdoor survival skills, all they have to do is to spend one night in the woods & make it back here first thing tomorrow morning. First team back wins invincibility, as SplitSide hand the teams their maps & compasses, he warns them on watching out for bears in the woods, no offence to Lujuan, who thinks is a good idea to make friends with them to keep them occupied. Both teams head out into the woods to find two seperate camping spots to set up camp for the night, while they look for firewood to start a campfire & also, finding food like catching fish, picking berries & bananas as well as setting up tents & keep a watchful eye out for bears, unaware that Lujuan & Balrog headed out to find bears, only to realise that the Bears immiediately took a liking to Lujuan & were occupied with her because of it. Without the worry of bears lurking about, both teams enjoy a peaceful nightout in camping, while Xiang-Ling & Emerald head out to find Lujuan & Balrog, while Balrog is sleeping in the bush. The next morning, as the sun rises, both teams wake up, while the WaterSoakers quickly hurry back to the main campsite first, while the FrostBites found Lujuan, Emerald, Xiang-Ling & Balrog & hurry back to camp too late, due to their map ruined by muddy paw prints. With that being said the WaterSoakers finally wins the challenge together, with the WaterSoakers getting ready to figure out on who is going home.

Campfire Ceremony (Eliminated: Balrog)

With the Frostbites at the Ceremony, with only 9 Blue Marshmellows on the plate, only one person will be voted off & can never return to camp, ever. The Marshmellows go to... Unikitty & Vanoss, Leaf & Octavia, Kaya & Min Min. Only 3 Marshmellows left & only 4 players as the Marshmellows go to... Xiang-Ling & Emerald, much to their relief & happiness. With Lujuan & Balrog left, the last marshmellow goes to... Lujuan. Balrog at first is ok seeing how he wasn't gonna last long in the tf show, until the cutesy bubbly panda girl explained that she innocently found a ring that preforms Mind control, causing the group To think that Balrog would Mind control the teammates in his favour. The truth/accusation cause Balrog to snap, but was put in a straight & sent home on the boat of losers by Doomsday, proving that cheaters never prosper.

"More Coming Soon"

Character Cast

X = Eliminated


  • SplitSide (Host)
  • Doomsday (Assistants)
  • Fluttershy (Doomsday's Friend)

Contestants (17/22)

The FrostBites (Blue Team) (9/11)

  • Balrog X
  • Emerald Neon
  • Kaya
  • Leaf
  • Lujuan the Panda
  • Min Min
  • Octavia Baxter
  • The Grizz X
  • Unikitty
  • Vanoss
  • Xiang-Ling Zhou

The WaterSoakers (Yellow Team) (8/11)

  • Busby the Bobcat X
  • Christie Monteiro
  • Crash Bandicoot X
  • Donkey Kong
  • Faith
  • Kano
  • Rainbow Mika
  • Retsuko
  • Shantae
  • Tobe X
  • Yori Matsuoka


  • Sink or Swim - Jump off a cliff to the safe zone. The winning team get extra parts to work on the Hot Tub in the next challenge for Invincibility.
    • Advantage: WaterSoakers
    • Winner: FrostBites
  • The Awake-a-thon - After a run around the lake for a feast, both teams must stay awake the longest, the team with the last person awake wins Invicibility.
    • Feast: Unikitty, Retsuko, Grizz, Leaf, Octavia, Emerald, Crash, Donkey Kong, Yori, Lujuan & Kaya
    • Winner: WaterSoakers (Kano)
  • DodgeBall - Best of 5 Games of Dodgeball wins Invincibility.
  • Talent Show - Both Teams must choose 3 of the most talented campers each to gain the best scores to win invincibility.
  • Camping Trip - Both Teams must go out camping in the woods for the night & come back to camp first thing in the morning before the other Team does to win. And also to watch out for bears.


  • 22nd/Last - Bubsy (The WaterSoakers, Eliminated by Everyone on his team for accidental sabotage on their own hot tub that cost them the challenge)
  • 21st - The Grizz (The FrostBites, Eliminated because they cannot trust a leader of a gang of criminals)
  • 20th - Crash Bandicoot (The WaterSoakers, Eliminated for being the opposing Team's easy target for DodgeBall, while he is eliminated for his safety, even if he tried his best.)
  • 19th - Tobe (WaterSoakers, Eliminated because of his blunder in the Talent Show Challenge, cost his team the win)
  • 18th - Balrog (FrostBites)
  • 17th - ??? (???)
  • ???


  • This is a Remake of the original Total Drama Saga, Which was a long lasting saga during the Netherealm War Trilogy. There are some different in cast thou, With SplitSide being the only returning character.
    • It should be noted that there even a future planned of another saga based on Total Drama Action, Which like before, Samantha don't know about do to her not seeing the show, But will make an exception to catch up on it if Spongebob100 like to do the saga. This would involve including the characters from both this saga and the past saga.