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Tanya is a street criminal who make her mark after the "death" of Patricia. She threaten to kick off a school bus of school children that was heading to high school, With one of the passager being Melody Kat. When she see Amy help the kids(except Melody) escape, She about to murder the both of them, But was stopped by a revived Patricia (Who was Actually a Clone) She was token to jail because of it.

Some time later, She manage to escape and threaten inside the highschool, scarring and even murdering Melody in the process. In which while Melody was revived, She would never forget the trouble Tanya cause.

As she was about to be place in the Protection Agency Prison Base, She encounter the Patricia Clone (Now known as Dark Patricia) once more. She was later lifted high in the air and slammed onto the car, Dying from the massive impact and striking fear to not only the reformed hero, But everyone in general.

It been pointed that Tanya was revived and will be reformed to the good side after the real Patricia return. Her future will be up to her if she make the right choice.


This involve if a character have a past.

Appears in

Main Story

  • Doomsday Saga (Side Antagonist)

Side Story

  • ???

What-If Story

  • ???

Friends and Enemies

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It is possible she is smart, As seen building the Mech Spider she used to climb on top of buildings. Her other weapon is unknown.


  • Unlike some of the other evil crocodile, Tanya had no part with the Crocodile Bandit and is instead a lone wolf.
  • She in someway have the same personality as Tanya from the Saints Row games. Even for being two different people.
  • While revived and plan on being reformed, It unknown if she will be part of the Good Getters, Seeing how she still live as a street girl.