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The Ancient One is a Demi-God Titan that live in the center core of Mobius, And it is the true final antagonist in the Super Ethical Reality Climax Saga, Being part of Jami Plan B that she was hoping to avoid at all cost unless it result as a Last Resort if all else fails.

The Ancient One is Jami most despised monster seeing how she never created it or even control it, Being too powerful even for her own good, to the point of destroying a large chunk of Mobius.

He was risen when Professor Genki fell in after his and Jami fight with Deimos, With Jami teleporting away with Mei before he rises from the ground and destroying the building under him, Killing all the monsters and heroes below him. He was about to destroy what left of mankind, only to be defeated by Sanford, Deimos and Reaper and was imprisoned once again for another decade by Sukanku Star new Rainbow Star form.


The Ancient One is a titan that lived on Earth long before mankind. He sleep under the planet and require blood from ritual sacrifices to stay sleeping for at least another decade. In the case the ritual fails, they will wake up and destroy humanity.

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  • He is more likely based on the ending of Cabin in the Woods despite Samantha never seeing the movie. Being known as the biggest threat to humanity.
  • He is the only monster to be summoned by Jami but not tamed or controlled by Jami, or even made by her.
    • She is also Jami most hated monster seeing how he a monster that she couldn't handle letting out. She only use him however as a last resort if all plans fail.
  • Despite him being part of Jami Plan B, He was more likely accidentally summoned when Deimos knocked the Mutated Genki into the sacrifice hole.