What About

What Happened

Prologue: Meet the Contestants

The Saga begins with 22 contestants have selected to spend in a Dangerous Island & have to face the judgement of their fellow campers, with one team who wins a challenge, while the other team who lost the challenge will send one of their own teammates home. The teams are formed in as the Sponge Lads & the Ice Clubs.

Day 1: Not So Happy Campers (Victory: The Sponge Lads)

Challenge #1: Sitting Ducks (Advantage: Ice Clubs)

The two teams arrive at a tall cliff in the morning, knowing that their first challenge will reach to new heights. The first task I see jumping a thousand foot high cliff into the lake with two target areas, but the danger zone is filled with psychotic man eating sharks, while the safe zone is the target area. The Winning Team will win an Extra Special Tool as an Advantage for the Next Challenge. So far, Ash, Bratty & Catty (Together), Ching, Dimitri (Peer Preasured by Zazz), Disco Kid (With Style), Johnny Cage, Litten Siti (Super Excited), Meng Huo (Makes a Giant Splashdown), Ripper Roo (With TNT) & Zazz makes a point. While Applejack (getting a few shark bites), Carol (hit the rocks by mistake), Failman (No Surprise), Jarek, Numbuh 5, Shiro, Vector (Hit the Rocks as well) & Wade missed the safe zone. Even King K.Rool chickens out getting Bad DKC2 Vibes. And with Wendy's jump into the safe zone with double points, the winners are the Ice Clubs.

Score: Sponge Lads: 6, Ice Clubs: 7 (Double Points from Wendy's)

Challenge #2: Hot Tub Building (Victory: Sponge Lads)

The Next Task is building a wicked Hot Tub & the winner will have a Hot Tub Party tonight, while the loser will sent someone home. The both teams begin working on the Hot Tubs, while the Sponge Lads will do the best they can with more effort with the Ice Clubs having the extra tool for the advantage. After the timer is up, Muggshot checks on the Hot Tubs, starting with the Sponge Lads, with a very nice hot tub, which makes the yellow team happy for their teamwork. Now Muggshot checks on the Ice Clubs Hot Tub, which explodes, even with the advantage. The Ice Clubs all know why on how did this happen. It was all Failman's Fault that the Ice Clubs have lost, meaning that's the Sponge Lads wins the Challenge in an Underdog Comeback & their own Sponge Lads Hot Tub as a Bonus.

Campfire Ceremony #1: Ice Clubs (Eliminated: Failman)

At the Ceremony, SplitSide with his Purple Side only, brings out 10 Blue Marshmellows on the Plate. The host explains on the voting rules, when he calls their name, they come & claim their Marshmellows, but the contestant who does not recieve a Marshmellow, must immediately return to the Dock of Shame to catch the Boat of Losers & leave, meaning the voted loser is out of the contest & can't come back, ever! The Blue Marshmellows, in order, goes to... Ching, Wendy's, Bratty & Catty, Wade Neon, Litten Siti, Wildcat, Shiro, Ripper Roo. With only King K. Rool & Failman left, the last Marshmellows goes to... King K. Rool. Failman is the first to be eliminated by all of his Ice Clubs team members, proving that Fails & Reality Shows don't really mix.

Day 2: The Big Sleep (Victory: The Ice Clubs)

3 Part Challenge: The Awake-A-Thon

The Next Challenge are in 3 parts. The Two Teams did a 20 kilometre run around the lake to make it to the feast & only Applejack, Carol, Numbuh 5, Ching, Litten Siti, Shiro & Wade makes it before the timer reached zero. As they dine in on the fest, the others arrive & with everyone arrived, only to know that Part 3 is called the "Awake-A-Thon" & it is an easy one, the team with the last person standing wins invincibility". At the start, only Bratty, Catty, Litten Siti & Meng Huo dropped down sleeping first while others trying to stay awake. While Wade & Shiro plan about leadership from Wendy's, Dimitri plotted a scheme to get him, Disco Kid & Johnny Cage to the final 3, in the while Ash & Jarek passed out. 24 hours passed & Muggshot reads the fairy tales that put Wildcat, Ching, Carol & Zazz to sleep. Another 24 hours have passed & Vector passed out before Numbuh 5 & Ripper Roo does so as well, meanwhile Wade devises a plan on switching the music disc & the book for the script of the Bee Movie while Shiro passed out next, along with Applejack, Disco Kid & Johnny Cage, while Dimitri is the last to pass out, thinking that something is wrong & Wade is to blame, while Wade wins as the sole survivor for the Ice Clubs.

Campfire Ceremony: Sponge Lads (Eliminated: Jarek)

With SplitSide with his Yellow Side & explains the same rules to them like with the Ice Clubs & with 10 Yellow Marshmellows on the plate. The Yellow Marshmellows go to... Dimitri, Johnny Cage, Disco Kid, Applejack, Meng Huo, Numbuh 5, Carol Tea, Zazz, Ash. And with Jarek & Vector left with just one marshmellow, the last marshmellow goes to... Vector. Jarek understands why he was eliminated next, saying he hasn't done so much & wishes the Sponge Lads good luck. As Jarek leaves, Dimitri need Johnny Cage & Disco Kid to keep a close eye on Wade for any sneaky tricks. It proves that Dimitri's Alliance on the Sponge Lads & Wade's Sneaky Tricks are both proving to be effective in Challenge situations.

Day 3: DodgeBrawl (Victory: Sponge Lads) (2 - 1)

Round 1 (Point: Ice Clubs) (0 - 1)

The Next Challenge is a classic "Best of 5" games of Dodgeball. The First Round starts with Ching, Wildcat, K. Rool, Litten & Shiro for the Ice Clubs. And Applejack, Carol, Johnny Cage, Meng Huo & Vector for the Sponge Lads. The battle begins with blows being traded back & forth from King K. Rool, Vector, Johnny Cage, Wildcat, Ching, Carol (Choosing Wade), Wade (Choosing Dimitri), Shiro, Meng Huo (Choosing Ripper Roo), Applejack & Ripper Roo. And with only Dimitri & Litten left in a showdown of the first round. But with the final ball, exhausted, Litten finally hit Dimitri, scoring the first point for the Ice Clubs.

Round 2 (Point: Sponge Lads) (1 - 1)

The Next Round is Bratty, Catty, Wildcat, Ripper Roo & Wendy for the Ice Clubs against Zazz, Vector, Johnny Cage, Disco Kid & Numbuh 5 for the Sponge Lads. The Round is more intense with eliminations of Wildcat, Wendy, Johnny Cage & Disco Kid (Choosing Ching & King K. Rool), Ripper Roo, Bratty, Catty, King K. Rool (Choosing Ash), Vector & Ching. This leaves Zazz, Ash & Numbuh 5 winnning the Second Round for the Team.

Final Round: (Point: Sponge Lads) (2 - 1)

With Carol, Dimitri, Meng Huo, Numbuh 5 & Zazz for the Sponge Lads, against Bratty, Catty, Ripper Roo, Shiro & Wade for the Ice Clubs. The Final Round begins which is brutal for both teams & even more so on eliminating Carol & Numbuh 5, Wade (Choosing Johnny Cage), Shiro, Zazz, Catty & Dimitri. With Meng Huo against Bratty, Catty & Ripper Roo, Meng Huo cannot let his team down & begins to go all out with Musou Rage, that eliminates Ripper Roo, while Bratty & Catty trying to fight back, but the Musou Rage filled Dodgeballs from Meng Huo is too much as both Bratty & Catty are the last to be eliminated, leaving Meng Huo the sole survivor, the winner for the Sponge Lads, finally achieving a victory dedicating it for former teammate Jarek the Echidna.

Campfire Ceremony: Ice Clubs (Eliminated: Wildcat)

With the Ice Clubs knowing the rules already, SplitSide with his Purple Side, readies 9 Blue Marshmellows & gives them to the following. The First two Blue Marshmellows go to... Bratty & Catty together. The next set of Marshmellows go to... Ching, Litten, Wendy, Ripper Roo, Shiro, King K. Rool. And with Wade & Wildcat remaining, the final blue marshmellow goes to... Wade Neon. The reason that Wildcat is voted out because he is very bad at Dodgeball & Wildcat is becoming angry about it that he would rather play Garry's Mod on his gaming channel than being stuck on an Island that is like a death trap. The Ice Clubs believed that no one likes a sore loser.

Day 4: Not Quite Famous (Victory: Ice Clubs)

Talent Contest (Sponge Lads: 25, Ice Clubs: 26)

The Teams arriving at the Stage to know that the Next Challenge is more simple, a Talent Contest to see which 3 of the best talents of each team is going to preform on the Stage while being judged by Muggshot. So far in the auditions, the Sponge Lads have far more talent with Applejack's Lasso Tricks, Carol's Motorbike Tricks & Meng Huo's Weightlifting being the top talent to compete, against the Ice Clubs, who were struggling with just Litten's Fire Trick & Ching's Sword Dance & a nice surprise for last. As the challenge progress, Muggshot scored Applejack a 7, Litten an 8, Meng Huo an 8.5, Ching an 8 & Carol an 9.5. With Wade & his lucky guitar & microphone out for the Ice Clubs & sings incredibly for her girl, Jazmin. It made everyone extremely emotional that Muggshot gives Wade a Perfect 10 to make it a perfect win for the Ice Clubs.

Campfire Ceremony: Sponge Lads (Eliminated: Dimitri Lousteau)

There were only 9 Yellow Marshmellows on this plate & the Sponge Lads already knows the rules of voting, so they begin the ceremony, with the First 3 Marshmellows go to... Applejack, Meng Huo & Carol, Disco Kid, Johnny Cage, Numbuh 5. With Ash, Vector, Zazz & Dimitri left, the next Marshmellows go to... Vector, Ash. Now with the last marshmellow, both Zazz & Dimitri were the bottom two. The Final marshmellow goes to... Zazz. Dimitri was eliminated because his judgement of Wade due to past actions was not friendly gameplay. Dimitri was dragged away & taken a ride on the Boat of Losers, claiming his final curtain call on the island.

Day 5: The Sucky Outdoors (Victory: The Ice Clubs)

Camping Trip

The challenge is a camping trip for one night in the woods & make it back here first to win the challenge, while watching out for bears. It was a long walk with a fork on the road & chose the path on the left, unknown that they are at the same campsite & decided to hunt for fish together while setting up the tent. However, they notice that Bratty & Catty were missing, but were actually stopped when Catty is bathing in the lake, unaware that a bear is behind them & scared the two best friends back to camp, where the teams were enjoying the fish. Bratty & Catty explained to the teams of what happened & the team were concerned of bears coming to the camp, so Vector & Wade keep an eye out on the first watch, while the two agree to fight the bears themselves with Meng Huo's help, but we're quickly surrounded & under attacked by a pack of bears. When the sunrise appears, the two teams quickly wake up & hurries to the main camp, but notices Vector, Meng Huo & Wade were missing. And just in time, the three arrived, only for Vector to trip over a log, dropping Wade's Skull to the camp first, accidently giving the Ice Clubs their 2nd win in a row & an all expense paid trip to the Tuck Shop.

Campfire Ceremony: Sponge Lads (Eliminated: Vector the Crocodile)

With the Sponge Lads at the Campfire Ceremony, with 8 Yellow Marshmellows left on this plate. The Marshmellows go to in order... Zazz, Carol, Disco Kid, Johnny Cage, Applejack, Numbuh 5 & Ash. With both Meng Huo & Vector left with one marshmellow, the last marshmellow goes to... Meng Huo. Vector understands that his one fatal mistake has cost him not only the challenge, but also his chance to stay. Vector leaves the island, leaving the team feeling a bit bad for him, since he didn't mean to. But Vector would soon leave with a gift from King K.Rool, showing his kindness to all crocodiles, including Vector, giving him a nice meal, making Vector leave with happiness & in happy tears instead & enjoy the food on the way home.

Day 6: Phobia Factor (Victory: The Sponge Lads)

Facing Your Fears

Today's challenge is facing their fears in Phobia Factor, while Wade sits one out for two reasons, one obvious of making things fair since the Sponge Lads are down a camper & a brutal reason that they don't want to know. With the challenge begins, the campers begin to face their fears, the following:

  • Applejack = Vampre Fruit Bats (Conquered)
  • Bratty & Catty = Street Sweepers (Only Bratty Conquered & Catty Failed)
  • Carol = Police Hounds (Conquered)
  • Ching = Losing Won in a Chicken Slaughter House (Conquered)
  • Meng Huo = Flying (Failed)
  • Zazz = Hail Storm (Failed)
  • King K.Rool = Phirana Fish & Other Sea Predators (Bad Vibe from DKC2) (Failed)
  • Ash = Animatronics (Since the Sister Location Saga) (Conquered)
  • Numbuh 5 = Geeky Science Shows (Failed)
  • Litten = Hunters (Failed)
  • Shiro = Guys that demand to pay their debts. (Failed)
  • Johnny Cage = Bugs, mainly from D.Vorrah (Conquered)
  • Wendy = Criticism of her Resturant (Conquered)
  • Disco Kid = Being Bullied by Super Macho Man (Conquered)
  • Ripper Roo = Doesn't Like being in Solitary Confinement (Conquered)
  • Overall Score - Sponge Lads (5/8) - Ice Clubs (4/8)

With the conquerors & chickens added up, the last one to conquer his fear is Johnny Cage while the last one to chicken out is Shiro, with the Sponge Lads winning as the Team of Fear Conquerors.

Campfire Ceremony: Ice Clubs (Eliminated: King K. Rool)

With the Ice Clubs at the Campfire, the blue Marshmellows go to... Bratty, Ching, Ripper Roo & Wendy for completing the challenges. Next one goes to... Wade. Only Catty, King K. Rool, Litten & Shiro did not complete their challenges. The next Marshmellows go to... Catty, Litten. With King K. Rool & Shiro left & one marshmellow remain, the last marshmellow goes to... Shiro. King K. Rool is eliminated, because he already bails out first, even thou Shiro lost the entire challenge for the team, but the main reason being is King K.Rool is not actually trustworthy enough, with Shiro has one person more to like him. Before King K.Rool can leave he spots a nice gift from Vector, which is a buffet fit for a king, along with a king's costume, complete with a new crown & robe.

Day 7: Up the Creek (Victory: The Sponge Lads)

Canoe Trip to Spinal's Shipwreck Island

The Challenge is a true summer camp experience, a Canoe Trip... but it's a special canoe trip to Spinal's Shipwreck Island. When they get there, they must portage, meaning walk with their canoe to the other side of the island, which is a two hour hike through deep treacherous jungle, where they must build a rescue fire, who will be judged by SplitSide, the best Rescue Fire wins. The teams begin paddling with Ice Clubs's blue canoe having a head start, due to Wade's boat engine, but the Sponge Lads continue to paddle with Meng Huo pushing the yellow canoe for the team. The teams begin to race on through the jungle, carrying their canoes, but the Sponge Lads catch up while the the Ice Clubs we're having trouble due to Ripper Roo not having any arms. However both teams were suddenly chased by monstrous cats, wild dogs & even a few monster mammoths, however Litten, Catty & even Carol stayed behind for their safety, but Litten was so friendly to the Monstrous Cat, due to her knowledge that the Monstrous Cat is friends with her parents, which are Pokémon. Catty & Carol were surprised that they join Litten & the Monstrous Cat for a ride back to the beach to regroup with the others. Meanwhile the Ice Clubs choose one path at the fork of the road, while the Sponge Lads take the other. Meanwhile both teams notice the three were missing & sent Meng Huo & Numbuh 5 from the Sponge Lads & Bratty, Ching & Ripper Roo from the Ice Clubs to find them while the rest make it to the beach to build the rescue fire. However only Meng Huo & Numbuh 5 found the three, while Litten tells Carol & Catty about her childhood that her Pokémon Parents found her as a child & have taken care of her. The 6 make it back, before Bratty & Ching & Ripper Roo to return too late. It is great that Litten makes a friend, but despite her help on making the Ice Clubs' fire brighter, but the Sponge Lads's hard work on their fire was more impressive, due to a lack of Ice Club members helping. SplitSide declares the Sponge Lads the winners & earn a trip back to the island by helicopter, while Carol says that they tried their best. While the Ice Clubs suggest of a camper to get the next boot to "Loserville".

Campfire Ceremony: Ice Clubs (Eliminated: Ripper Roo)

With the Ice Clubs arrive, without their boat engine, due to Zazz stealing it back. And with the all anxiety marshmellow ceremony to begin with 7 blue Marshmellows. The first few go to Wade, Wendy & Shiro. Ching. Bratty. Only 2 Marshmellows remain with Catty, Litten & Ripper Roo left. Both women were scared, while Ripper Roo is still his crazy self without a care. The next marshmellow goes to... Catty. With the final marshmellow left, only one will be safe & the loser will take a ride on the Boat of Losers. Who's it gonna be? The last marshmellow goes to... Litten, much to her delight. Ripper Roo on the other hand, was eliminated, not only he is creepy, but also the fact that he slow down the team, due to his lack of arms & his craziness like bouncing his head on the canoe while carrying it. Before Ripper Roo can show SplitSide crazy with a nitro crate, he was suddenly knocked unconscious by Muggshot who carried the crazy kangaroo & tosses him on the Boat of Losers & a crazy cruise back home to Loserville, but secretly not without a golden crown Ripper Roo found, being too crazy to care about the warning, was turned to a golden statue as the result of being cursed.

Day 8: Paintball Deer Hunt (Victory: The Ice Clubs)

Paintball Hunt (Splatoon Style)

Today's Challenge is a Colourful one, they're going on a Paintball Deer Hunt. With Sponge Lads locked & loaded with Sunshine Yellow Paint against the Ice Clubs with their Freezing Blue Ice Paint. The hunters & deer are:

  • Ice Clubs Hunters: Ching, Shiro, Wade & Wendy
  • Ice Clubs Deer: Bratty, Catty & Litten Siti.
  • Sponge Lads Hunters: Disco Kid, Johnny Cage, Numbuh 5 & Zazz
  • Sponge Lads Deer: Applejack, Ash, Carol & Meng Huo

The Hunt begins with the Deer of both teams to find hiding spots. However Meng Huo is having trouble finding hiding spots of his own, trying to hide with a boulder, but the spots were taken by Bratty & Catty. Meng Huo tries to hide in a cave, but was kicked out & knocked unconscious by a bear, putting up the sign that says "No Deer Allowed". By the sound of the alarm, beginning their hunt, the Ice Clubs start off strong by splattering Meng Huo who is the easy target, by Wade. Both Bratty & Catty were hard to find from the Sponge Lads, due to their disguises as rocks themselves. Meanwhile Numbuh 5 & Johnny Cage find Litten in a tree, from Johnny's paint boiling from Litten's heat & tries to splatter her, but Litten's fear of hunters is so great that she dodge fast & blast all of her fire in self defence, forgetting that it's just a friendly game, causing both Numbuh 5 & Johnny Cage to retreat into a pond. Knowing that Litten's fear is burning & destroying the woods, Muggshot from a helicopter douse the fire & shoot a sleep dart to slow Litten down to make it easier for Numbuh 5 & Johnny Cage to catch & splatter Litten. However Numbuh 5 realised Litten's fear is too much & proceeds to help her out with reason, comfort petting & a beautiful lullaby to help Litten sleep better, which it works, Litten is happily sleeping like a baby, while Numbuh 5 gently carries Litten back to camp. Meanwhile the Ice Club Hunters manage to splattered Ash from a log & Applejack who was retreating down a rabbit hole & Carol quickly makes a run for it in the trees, while Applejack sees through Bratty & Catty's disguise & warns the Sponge Lad Hunters & give chase, Carol accidently crashes into Catty & got splattered before the Sponge Lads accidently crash into the Ice Clubs splattering yellow & purple paint everywhere, leaving Bratty, Ching & Wendy the only clean members. The Ice Clubs were declared the Paintball Champions with a 8 - 4 lead, earning a wonderful time at a Special Splatoon Shindig tonight, while the splattered Sponge Lads begin to pick their loser.

Campfire Ceremony: The Sponge Lads (Eliminated: Ash Mongoose)

With 8 Campers & only 7 Yellow Marshmellows, the ceremony begins with the first pair of Marshmellows go to Numbuh 5 & Johnny Cage. Next goes to Applejack for sniffing out Bratty & Catty from their hiding spot. Disco Kid. Carol for nearly escaping. With Meng Huo & Ash remaining & only one marshmellow left... Meng Huo picked out good spots, but were taken & was an easy target in a No Deer Zone & Ash who picked out a way too obvious hiding spot, only to get caught afterwards, only one will claim the final marshmellow & get to stay to play for another day & that person is... Meng Huo with a lucky one vote. Ash understands that reality shows are as real as reality shows get & is given a farewell hug by the Sponge Lads, telling Ash that Mina would be very proud of him either way. Ash gave a final farewell to Blunt Island before he leaves on the Boat of Losers, coming home to Mina Mongoose. However, near the end, the reason behind Meng Huo's lucky vote was actually because of Litten, from the Ice Clubs, who she actually votes for Meng Huo to stay, without the rest of the Sponge Lads even knowing, meaning that Litten is friends with Meng Huo so much that she will do anything to make Meng Huo stay.

Day 9: If You Can't Take the Heat (Victory: The Sponge Lads)

3 Course Cooking Challenge

Both Teams are set for the challenge of testing their minds, teamwork & their skills in the kitchen, in a Cooking Challenge that prepares 3 course meals that will be judged by SplitSide & Muggshot themselves. Today's task starts by grabbing all the ingredients from a shipment of food. Both Applejack & Wendy are chosen to be Head Chefs. The teams take their partners in each course by the following:

  • Sponge Lads Appetisers: Zazz & Disco Kid (Chicken Parmigania)
  • Ice Clubs Appetisers: Wendy & Ching (Chicken Ceaser Salad)
  • Sponge Lads Main Course: Meng Huo & Johnny Cage (Country Ribs)
  • Ice Clubs Main Course: Litten & Wade (Veggie Burger)
  • Sponge Lads Dessert: Applejack, Carol & Numbuh 5 (Apple Pie)
  • Ice Clubs Dessert: Shiro, Bratty & Catty (Oreo Frosty Parfaits)

The Teams begin cooking & trying their best to make them as amazing as they can. As they are finished cooking, SplitSide & Muggshot begin judging. They start out with the Appetisers, they both agree that both of them taste good, while Muggshot gives the first point to the Sponge Lads, for his love of chicken & the extra pineapple flavour. Next is the Main Course & Side Dish, Muggshot does believe that the Ribs taste good, but being a bulldog with standards of keeping his muscles strong & buff, the 2nd round has to go to the Ice Clubs for their healthy standards. The 3rd & Final Round is Dessert & it's a tough one, until Muggshot was choking & coughs out coal from the Ice Clubs' Oreo Milkshake, due to being out of Oreos, as spoken by Bratty. That means The Sponge Lads' Delicious Apple Pie family recipe wins the final round & the challenge by default & the Sponge Lads wins a reward which is a 5-Star Dinner under the Stars. The Sponge Lads were super happy that Applejack lead the team to victory that Zazz is willing to give the team leadership to Applejack.

Campfire Ceremony: The Ice Clubs (Eliminated: Bratty)

With the Ice Clubs bummed out, SplitSide haven't seen a last second fail like that since Failman ruined the team's Hot Tub in the first day. With the ceremony begins with 6 Blue Marshmellows, the Blue Marshmellows go to... Ching, Shiro, Wendy, Wade. Only 3 remain with 2 marshmellows left. The 5th goes to... Litten. And with Bratty & Catty remained... the Last Marshmellow goes to... Catty. Extremely sad, Catty breaks down in tears upon Bratty's elimination since she is the one who told the team that they're out of oreos. It was very emotional for the team & helps comfort Catty. And Muggshot & Bratty remind Catty that she has to take big steps to continue on for both Catty & Bratty. As Bratty was ride off to the Boat of Losers leaving Catty still competing very sadly, Wendy, Ching & Litten angrily turns to the one responsible for the vote on Bratty's elimination, which is actually Shiro, who is in panic & runs to the cabin for safety. The girls of the Ice Clubs can't seem to trust Shiro after that, but tomorrow's challenge, the Ice Clubs are afraid they have to.

Day 10: Who Can You Trust? (Victory: The Ice Clubs)

The 5 Trust Challenges

The Day begins with the Sponge Lads noticing Shiro in his bed, outside & were surprised by Shiro, because he was naked, much to their funny amusement, but only Carol blush in embarrassment for Shiro's embarrassment, knowing about the Ice Clubs girls getting back on Shiro for voting Bratty out, causing Catty to be torn. SplitSide arrive seeing a few Sponge Lad issues & sensing some hot water from the Ice Clubs. For today's challenge is 5 rounds of building trust by 2 different members from each team as the rounds progress, but the choices go to SplitSide for more fun & amusement for himself.

Trust Challenge #1: Rock Climbing (1 - 0)

The First Round of the 5 Trust Challenges is a Rock Climbing Adventure. SplitSide chooses:

  • Sponge Lads: Applejack & Meng Huo
  • Ice Clubs: Wade & Wendy

Both Applejack & Wade begin their climb up on the cliff side, while Meng Huo & Wendy hoist them both up, trying to avoid any rusty nails, slippery oil slick, mild explosives & a few other surprises like Super Spicy Hot Sauce. It was a painful climb, Wade tries to use his anger to boost up, while Wendy blocks the hot sauce with the burger. However, Wendy slips from the oil slick & she was sent to the water, while Wade crashes & burns, while Applejack makes it to the top for her & Meng Huo to win the first round for the Sponge Lads.

Trust Challenge #2: Extreme Cooking (Fugu Sashimi) (1 - 1)

Round 2 for the campers to making Fugu Sashimi, the traditional Japanese poisonous blowfish. They must slice very carefully around the poisonous organ, that paralyse the nervous system, to avoid puncture the poison organ.

  • Sponge Lads: Disco Kid & Numbuh 5
  • Ice Clubs: Litten & Catty

Numbuh 5 & Litten will be cooking while Disco Kid & Catty will be eating. Both teams have finished, but Disco Kid has a weak stomach, compare to Catty's strong stomach, due to having Glamburgers. With that the Ice Clubs get their point, while Disco Kid feels the effects of the poison, paralysing the nervous system.

Trust/Blind Challenge #3: Blind William Tell (Vice Versa) (1 - 2)

The First Blind Challenge is to knock the arrows off their person's head with crab apples first while causing the least amount of facial damage to win & the shooters will be blindfolded.

  • Sponge Lads: Applejack & Johnny Cage
  • Ice Clubs: Ching & Shiro

Applejack & Ching we're the blindfolded shooters & right off the bat Ching open fires multiple crab apples at Shiro, finally hitting the bullseye.

Trust/Blind Challenge #4: Blind Trapeeze (1 - 3)

The 4th Round will preform a Blind Trapeeze over this pond filled with Jellyfish while the jumpers will be blindfolded while the partners shout out when to jump & hopefully they'll catch their blindfolded partner, or it's a painful swim.

  • Sponge Lads: Carol & Meng Huo
  • Ice Clubs: Litten & Wade

Carol & Litten were blindfolded while Meng Huo & Wade were on the trapeze, but before Carol can jump, Meng Huo's trapeze snapped under his massive weight & fall through the pond, getting electrocuted by Jellyfish, while Wade & Litten preform a successful trapeze jump.

Trust/Blind Challenge #5: Blind Taboggan (2 - 3)

Even with the Ice Clubs already won, the Final Leg is the Blind Toboggan with a driver & a navigator driving all the way down the hill while the navigator shout out directions to avoid crashing. And the driver will be blindfolded.

  • Sponge Lads: Numbuh 5 & Zazz
  • Ice Clubs: Litten & Shiro

The race begins downhill, despite the Ice Clubs already winning 3 out of 5 rounds. Both team hit branches & bushes but keeps on going. Even with Shiro hitting a bee hive, while Zazz keeps getting hit branch after branch. Both Numbuh 5 & Litten still play fair & having fun, even with a high five. Both teams crash into each other losing control & cross the finish line, but it was the Sponge Lads who finally won the 5th Round. But despite Round 5, the Sponge Lads already lost with 2, to the Ice Clubs' win with 3.

Campfire Ceremony: The Sponge Lads (Eliminated: Disco Kid)

With the Sponge Lads at the Campfire Ceremony, the voting begins with 6 Yellow Marshmellows. The first three Marshmellows go to Applejack, Johnny Cage & Numbuh 5. The next two Marshmellows go to Meng Huo & Carol. With one marshmellow left & only Zazz & a paralysed Disco Kid left to be decided. The Final marshmellow goes to... Zazz. Disco Kid was voted off for not only having a bad end of a blowfish & was paralysed for 24 hours, but also being the Weakest Link of the Sponge Lads since he can't do anything with Boxing Gloves on. Disco Kid has been taken away in a Wheelchair to the Boat of Losers by Muggshot, for his own safety. Leaving a saddened Johnny Cage, promising to Disco Kid that he will make him proud.

Day 11: Basic Straining (Victory: Sponge Lads)

Muggshot's Boot Camp Challenge

Today's Challenge is Muggshot's Boot Camp on surviving the pain & torture, with each passing training exercise, the contestants will drop out one by one except for one, the last one standing wins immunity for their team. The first leg of the training is holding their team canoes up high, holding them up, but the first to drop out is Catty. After having military lunch of taking what they can get, the 2nd leg is preforming brutal dance moves, Zazz was eliminated with the pain of his broken spine for thrusting too much. The 3rd part is completing a 300 word essay on how much they love Muggshot, but despite Litten & Carol missing a few worlds, Shiro is eliminated out of the challenge, having enough problems with the show, which causes the Sponge Lads to look angrily at the Ice Clubs, despite Bratty's elimination, Shiro doesn't deserve this kind of unecessary punishment. After some nice comfort between Shiro & Carol & Meng Huo & Litten. The 4th Leg is completing the Obstacle Course in under 1 minute, Meng Huo failed to do so for being too slow, while Applejack & Wendy's we're a bit too slow. Only Johnny Cage, Numbuh 5, Ching & Wade were left with the final leg, which is hanging upside down the longest while avoiding a head rush that will cause them to let go, Ching & Numbuh 5 were already eliminated, while Johnny Cage is struggling against Wade, who is still effortlessly pulls it off once again. But because of Wade's healing factor causing so much unbalanced problems, Muggshot make things harder for both of them, shooting needles that temporarily turn off Wade's healing factor & sleep darts at Johnny Cage to put him to sleep, but Wade falls down with nose & ear bleeds, before his Healing Factor returns, before Johnny Cage falls down in a dizzy state, but wins for the Sponge Lads, knowing that Johnny Cage's training with the Special Forces payed off.

Campfire Ceremony: Ice Clubs (Eliminated: Wendy's)

With only 5 Blue Marshmellows left on the plate, the ceremony begins, with the First Marshmellow going to... Wade. Next is Shiro. Catty. Ching. With Litten & Wendy left, both of them are worried, with a drum roll from Muggshot, the last marshmellow goes to... Litten. Wendy was surprised on what's going on. Even thou Wendy is more impressive on the essay & the obstacle course, Somehow another vote has kept Litten in the game, even more so that Shiro & Litten are still safe. Wendy's accepts the fact that she did her best & exits the island, with Wade knowing that she will be the ever loving Meme girl they know & love. As the remaining 5 Ice Club members leave minus Shiro & Litten, it appears that not only Meng Huo returned the favour on saving Litten from elimination, using his secret vote, but also Carol on saving Shiro from elimination, all hoping that Wendy's understanding on their choices on why they save Litten & Shiro in the first place.

Day 12: X-Treme Torture (Victory: The Ice Clubs) (2 - 1)

Extreme Sports Challenge

The Next set of 3 challenges are part of the Extreme Sports Challenge. The Winning Team with a Best of 2 out of 3 wins will win bragging rights, save themselves from Elimination & a trip to a 5-Star Multi Massage Mobile Shower.

Extreme Sofa Bed Skydiving (Ice Clubs) (1 - 0)

  • Ice Clubs - Litten
  • Sponge Lads - Numbuh 5

Extreme Bronco Riding (Sponge Lads) (1 - 1)

  • Ice Clubs - Catty
  • Sponge Lads - Zazz

Extreme Seadune Waterskiing (The Ice Clubs) (2 - 1)

  • Ice Clubs - Wade (Ski), Ching (Sponge Lads' Driver)
  • Sponge Lads - Applejack (Ski), Meng Huo (Ice Clubs' Driver)

Campfire Ceremony: The Sponge Lads (Eliminated: Johnny Cage)

With 5 Marshmellows on the plate, the Sponge Lads are faced with their toughest choices on who is going home, seeing how they all played fair & did their best. The Marshmellows go to... Meng Huo & Carol, due to secretly having Litten & Shiro by their side. Applejack for almost winning the final challenge. And Numbuh 5, for helping Litten, but was sent down crashing to the sandy beach, but is ok. That leaves Johnny Cage for running helter skelter from the Bull & the Moose for the rest of the Episode & Zazz who got hoofed by the Bull, but have to save Catty, who was hoofed earlier than Zazz, from crashing to the ground. But due to Zazz's heartfelt rescue, it is why Zazz is safe. Johnny Cage was upset for letting Disco Kid down for 2 nights, but the remaining 5 Sponge Lads felt sorry, knowing that this is the hardest decision they made, so they cheered Johnny Cage up with the positives that Johnny Cage won the Phobia Factor & the BootCamp Challenges for his team & Disco Kid would be proud of him either way, similar to how Mina will be proud of Ash either way. Now feeling much better & with a final group hug, Johnny Cage leaves the island, as a better man, fully understanding the decision for the Final 5 Sponge Lads.

Day 13: Brunch of Disgustingness (Victory: The Boys)

Boys vs. Girls: Stomaches of Steel

With the Final 10 reaching the halfway mark, the teams switched to a Boys vs. Girls Battle of the Genders, with an All out Reward challenge, meaning no eliminations, called, "Stomaches of Steel". They must eat a 9 course meal, the Winning Team of 5 out of 9 challenges wins a trip to a 5-Star Resort, while the Losing Team will go hungry & spend the rest of the night in the island with Muggshot. Before the challenge starts, the campers tell each other about their plans for the money like:

  • Wade: A Date & Wedding with Jazmin, while the Bikers wreckage the rest of the city.
  • Meng Huo: Buy a Nation for the Nanman & relax with Zhu Rong.
  • Shiro: Help his Good Getters Team be on Top.
  • Zazz: Buy his own Planet.
  • Applejack: Have her own Best Apple Contest like in a Festival.
  • Ching: Buy a Special Dojo to teach everyone about Peaceful Fighting.
  • Numbuh 5: Reunion with the entire Kids Next Door.
  • Carol: Buy a super sized Sushi Feast to share for everyone.
  • Catty: More Glamburgers & Garbage & get a chance to hangout with Mettaton.

As the challenge begins, The 9 course meals are:

  • Course #1: Dancing Diablo Peppers (Boys Win)
  • Course #2: Grasshopper Pizza with Tangy Jellyfish Sauce (Girls Win)
  • Course #3 - #8: Montage (Boys & Girls Win 3 Rounds Each)
  • Course #9: World's Coldest Ice Cream (Boys Win)

After all the rounds, but Litten couldn't stand the cold, while everyone cuddles Litten for warmth, Wade wins for the boys.

Day 14: No Pain, No Game (Victory: Applejack)

After the boys return from the resort, the teams are now officially dissolved & merged with a new rule of every camper for themselves, with a new contestant named "Fury the Tasmanian Devil", with most of the females scared of him, minus Litten, and a returning contestant, "Failman", Much to everyone's dismay. It I clear that Splitside lied about the former contestants returning, but now they move on to the next challenge as the Final 12.

Say Uncle

This Torture Challenge is called "Say Uncle" a test of endurance of many rounds of torture, they'll be put through many tortures only 10 secons, if they chicken out or do not last the required 10 seconds, but the last one standing wins a solo invincibility & a Luxorious trailer.

The tortures & contestants in alphabetical order for Round 1 are:

  • Applejack: Snake Wrap (Passed)
  • Carol: Ice Cream Brain Freeze (Failed)
  • Catty: Marshmellows Waxing (Failed)
  • Ching: Skunk Jump (Passed)
  • Failman: Wooden Shorts (Failed)
  • Fury: Lake Leeches (Passed, No Complaints)
  • Litten: Electric Zap (Failed)
  • Meng Huo: Nose Hairs (Barely Passed)
  • Numbuh 5: Muggshot's Hair Salon (Failed)
  • Shiro: Turtle Puck Shots (Failed)
  • Wade: Sasquatch's Cage (Passed)
  • Zazz: Bee Shirt (Forfeit, due to can't compete with Wade's stunning pass)

So far, only 5 campers, Applejack, Ching, Fury, Meng Huo & Wade advances to Round 2. And the torture challenges for Round 2 are:

  • Applejack: Bee Shirt (Passed)
  • Ching: Poison Ivy Spa Treatment (Failed)
  • Fury: Double Trouble Challenge: Electric Zap & Poison Ivy (Passed, Injured)
  • Meng Huo: Muggshot's Hair Salon (Forfeit, due to not suffer the same fate as Catty)
  • Wade: Worst Modern Music Torture (Failed)

Now onto Round 3 with Applejack & Fury as the Final 2 combatants with the Grizzly Bear Log Roll. It has been back & forth for both challengers at the start, but remembering her race with Rainbow Dash, Applejack built alot more speed with her leg power, leaving Fury trying to keep up, but Fury's injuries starting to take his toll as he is eliminated from the challenge while Applejack wins the challenge, the first solo invincibility & the trailer.

Campfire Ceremony (Eliminated: Failman)

As Fury learn the rules of elimination, SplitSide explained that they're all out of Marshmellows & instead makes a compromise on going live with the confessionals. It appears just like the first ceremony, everyone voted against Failman, while Failman voted against Wade worried about his traitorous plans, but Failman is eliminated once again, for being too easy a target. Taking away in a straight jacket, Failman tries to warn them about Wade's intentions, but Wade easily brushes off telling that Failman is crazy with issues. As the group went to the party at Applejack's trailer. Fury is all left alone, now as a fresh new contestant, secretly planning on bringing the competition to their knees.

Day 15: Search & Do Not Destroy (Victory: Catty)

Pirate Treasure Hunt

The Challenge is a Pirate Themed Treasure Hunt to hunt down the Keys, each hidden by single challenges that the final 11 must overcome & follow down with the clues to unlock the treasure to get their loot & only one chest has invincibility. The Keys hidden locations are:

  • Numbuh 5 - Trees, guarding by protective Squirrels
  • Meng Huo - Muggshot's Kitchen, guarding by Muggshot & only the strongest can obtain the key.
  • Fury - Flaming Hoops
  • Litten - Snakes
  • Applejack - Beehive
  • Ching - Shark & Crocodile Waters
  • Zazz - Septic Tank
  • Carol - Tallest & Biggest Tree on the Island
  • Shiro & Wade - Skunk Hole & Monty Python Rabbit
  • Catty - Bears

So far, most of the campers found & catch their keys with ease like Applejack's Apple & honey sweet mix offering, Fury's tough exterior, Litten's flame against the snakes, while others struggle to get their keys with bruises & injuries, even Meng Huo got tossed out of the kitchen by Muggshot. Meanwhile Shiro & Zazz struggle with their challenges, but failed to get their keys. Even Catty met up with a Bear through her own circumstances. As the contestants open their chests, Fury got a toaster, Numbuh 5 got an Accordian, Carol earned a bag of Chips & Soda, Ching got some Perfume, Wade got a Leg Lamp & Litten win 2 Ships in a Bottle, but Applejack & Meng Huo's Keys won't open any chest. However, it was Catty who won a Gift Basket & an Invicibility Card, meaning that Catty wins the Challenge & Invincibility.

Campfire Ceremony (Eliminated: Zazz)

With the new Coloured Marshmellows come into play, they know the routine & it will be curtains for the eliminated contestant. Marshmellows have started flying while being tossed to the contestants in order. Purple for Catty, Orange Apple for Applejack, Red for Fury, Green for Carol, Light Purple for Ching, Dark Blue for Numbuh 5, Chocolate for Meng Huo, Orange for Shiro, Fire Flame for Litten. The last coloured marshmellow was either a Dark Red for Wade or a Pink for Zazz. But the last marshmellow goes to the person, who saved Shiro from a Monty Python rabbit, which is none other than... Wade, with the Dark Red Marshmellow. Zazz understands why he is eliminated that he doesn't understand the rules of the After-Merge until now. However Zazz was reminded that he is a valuable member of the Sponge Lads by his former 4 Sponge Lad Members & with Zazz happy, he has one last request & gives Catty a surprise & yet passionately kiss farewell & will see everyone in the Finale, as he leaves with a Happy Ending regardless of his elimination.

Day 16: Hide & Go Sneaky (Victory: Carol, Shiro, Wade, Fury, Litten & Numbuh 5)

Muggshot's Version of Hide & Seek

The Challenge is a plain & simple game of Hide & Seek, only with the contestants as the hiders & Muggshot as the seeker. The options to win are, Dont get discovered in your hiding spot, Run to Home Base before Muggshot catches any seeker or if you do get caught, help Muggshot find the rest of the hiders. Do any of those & they will win invincibility. The contestants hiding spots were:

  • Numbuh 5 - Camoflauge
  • Catty - Rock Disguise
  • Carol - Tall Trees with the Green Leaves
  • Litten - Behind the Rocks
  • Fury - Sand of the Beach
  • Shiro & Wade - Secret Underground Room
  • Ching - In the Trees
  • Meng Huo - Inside the Cave
  • Applejack - In a Bush

Muggshot begins his seeking skills, first by shooting up to make sure & had sprayed Carol first so Carol helps Muggshot out while smelling the chicken from the trees & catches both Ching & Won, but Ching pushes Carol off, causing Carol to crash on top of Applejack, finding her in the process. While Muggshot begin to chase down Ching, only to be tripped by Fury & founds him, while Fury gives away Wade & Shiro's Secret Underground Room, but it backfired when Shiro & Wade already made to homebase, playing cards, causing Fury to break down in a furious fit of rage, tossing the water gun away, only to knock Catty unconscious, while Fury brings Catty to Muggshot, as a compromise. But Numbuh 5 also notice Catty's hurt in the head & secretly wraps bandages around Catty's wounds, while Ching burst out of the cave from the heavy heat accidently hitting Numbuh 5 with a rock, causing her to make a run for home base, while Ching got sprayed, Meng Huo tosses Litten's far away, while getting sprayed as well, while Muggshot chases Litten down, but Litten makes it at the last second before she got sprayed, causing Litten to feel pain & unleashed a fiery burst of flame that has burned the entire cast, even Muggshot & SplitSide included, but only for Numbuh 5 make it last to the Home Base before she passed out. Leaving only Carol, Shiro & Wade, Fury, Litten & Numbuh 5 to win invincibility, while Applejack, Catty, Ching & Meng Huo are the only 4 who are left unsafe.

Campfire Ceremony (Eliminated: Fury)

With Carol, Shiro, Wade, Fury, Litten & Numbuh 5 already have their Marshmellows & only Applejack, Catty, Ching & Meng Huo unprotected without their invincibility & only 3 Marshmellows, the ceremony continues on with the next Marshmellows going to... Catty... and Meng Huo. Leaving only Applejack & Ching, only one of the two was supposed to be eliminated, however, the Protection Agency helicopters, led by Deimos, intervenes & claiming that Fury is under arrest, forcing Fury to admit that he digs underground & cause demolition & TNT crimes along the way & even thou Fury had invincibility, he is forced to forfeit himself from the competition & digs his way Underground & out of the island with the Protection Agency chasing after Fury, leaving the entire cast in shock & in disbelief for this unexpected elimination.

Day 17: That's Off the Chain! (Victory: Wade)

Hot Rod Motorcycle Challenge

Today's challenge is building their own Motorcycle Hot Rods by scratch out the motorcycle parts in the depot & they can also trick them out anyway they can with spare parts from the Arts & Crafts Center. During their construction of their hot rods, with a couple of humourous mishaps, they manage to build & paint their hot rods of their own style. The bikes are:

  • Applejack - Zap Apple (Classic, Practical)
  • Carol - Panther (Like her Normal Bike, but tricked out to become a classy hot rod)
  • Catty - Friendly Rider (Friendly Motorcycle)
  • Ching - Sooga Dragon (Athletic Motorcycle)
  • Litten - Incineroar (Fire Themed Motorcycle)
  • Meng Huo - Madmanji / Jungle War Rig (King Sized Jumanji/Mad Max stylised Motorcycle)
  • Numbuh 5 - M.O.T.O.R. (Motorcycle-Obscurity-Turbo-Off-Roader) (Kids Next Door Motorcycle Hot Rod)
  • Shiro - Prize Winner (Good Getters' Motorcycle)
  • Wade - Jazzy Pie (Super Hot Rod)

Now with the bikes all set up. The First Round they will be switching bikes only for the first round, claiming if their bikes makes it to the finish line, then they'll get to ride their own bikes in the Motorcross Challenge, also known as the First Sudden Death Elimination Challenge, if the last person cross the finish line in the Motorcross gets voted out without a Campfire Ceremony. The Riders & switched Bikes for Round One are:

  • Wade gets Madmanji / Jungle War Rig (Meng Huo)
  • Shiro gets Jazzy Pie (Wade)
  • Meng Huo gets Incineroar (Litten)
  • Carol gets M.O.T.O.R. (Numbuh 5)
  • Applejack gets Sooga Dragon (Ching)
  • Litten gets Panther (Carol)
  • Numbuh 5 gets Friendly Ride (Catty)
  • Catty gets Zap Apple (Applejack)
  • Ching gets Prize Winner (Shiro)

During the race, there were three wipeouts from Carol, Catty & Numbuh 5. Leaving 6 Invicibility race qualifiers, Meng Huo, Wade, Ching, Litten, Applejack & Shiro to race on their own bikes for the TDI Motorcross, on dodging the obstacles like land mines, the oil slick & jumping the piranha water pits, for this final race is all about risk vs. reward.

Motorcross Challenge / Sudden Death Elimination (Eliminated: Shiro)

The race for Invicibility & the Race to not come in last begins. It was a fast & furious race, but Meng Huo's motorcycle got stuck in left over gum from the M.O.T.O.R.'s gadget mishap, Litten tries to burn the gum off, only for the entire bike to get caught in flames, causing Meng Huo to bail by jumping onto Litten's motorcycle, but both of them crashed into a tree, while the other 4 were chased down by Meng Huo's burning hot rod, which is litterally on fire. Wade crosses the finish line first, while Applejack came in 2nd, Ching is next to cross in 3rd & Shiro makes it to 4th, with Meng Huo's hot rod crashed into the water. However, even thou Wade, Applejack, Ching & Shiro made it to the finish line, but since Meng Huo & Litten had already wiped out & didn't complete the race, so they never did cross the line at all, which makes Shiro the last one to cross, meaning Shiro is eliminated from the competition, unless Wade gives up his invincibility, but due to his goals on getting the prize money for his & Jazmin's marriage, he can't do it, much to Shiro's Rage in a short fuse, but it was quickly calmed down by Carol, stepping up to comfort him, which it does happened so fast. But Carol is now determined to continue on until the end for not only her friends & family, but also her boyfriend Shiro, because Carol loves Shiro & seals it with a passionate kiss to him, both of them embracing the love from each before Shiro rode off on the Boat of Losers to the sunset, while Catty borrows Numbuh 5's phone to make a personal phone call.

Day 18: Hook, Line & Screamer (Victory: Applejack, Carol, Catty, Litten & Meng Huo)

Secret Fake Slasher Simulation Challenge

After watching the Slasher Flick during Movie Night, the final 8 notices SplitSide & Muggshot panicking while escaping the island, leaving behind a bag with a newspaper, claiming that a Psycho Slasher is on the loose, leaving the final 8 to fend for themselves against the Slasher. They went back to the camp to talk strategy on never going off alone, never go in the woods & never make out in the woods, since then Ching made wooden Dummies of the campers as the Rest help out in hide, only for the "Slasher" to slash at the Dummies & chase after them, catching Numbuh 5 at first, but Meng Huo saved her & hightailed it with her & the rest of the group. While they are hiding, they try to bring out a gameplan, only for the "Slasher" to find & Catch Applejack, but was interrupted by Ching who tried to throw kunais, but the "Slasher" catches Ching knocking her unconscious & drags her to the hideaway tent, technically where he is hiding out. The other 7 smell freshly baked Brownies, but Wade eats them & is having a trip, leaving Wade to be captured & dragged as well, leaving only 6 remain. With the sound of the ice cream truck, due to her inner kid's instincts, Numbuh 5 fells right into the trap & got captured as well. Leaving only Applejack, Carol, Catty, Litten & Meng Huo left, but something is wrong with Catty as she is beginning to feel sick, which causes the "Slasher" to catching all 5 of them, starting with Catty, but the rest of the women try to fight back, distracting the "Slasher", long enough for Meng Huo to ram him into the lake down below, which the 5 quickly pushes the "Slasher" back with fire & traps him in a fishing net they just found by the lake, capturing the "Slasher", which actually ends the Fake Simulation challenge, with SplitSide arriving with Ching, Wade & Numbuh 5, saying that it's actually a challenge & a joke To watch a scary movie & survive one, claiming that it's a fake simulation of a slasher flick, but SplitSide never expected for a multi incivincilbity wins due to their heroic experience.

Challenge Aftermath (Eliminated: Catty)

However, after the challenge, despite the challenge being revealed, they're all concern about Catty's sick condition & wondering what's wrong, but when the X-Rays reveal the problem, Catty has something extremely small inside with tiny arms & legs, Catty explains that the call from the previous episode was personal & getting a chance to bring Zazz back only for telling each other's feelings & they both have a special, yet private session. It is now clear what's going on, Catty is pregnant with Zazz. Sadly, they have no other choice, Catty must leave the island for the safety of Catty's newborn baby, but she will be missed by everyone. After a group hug, Catty leaves on the boat of Losers, only for the surprise return of Bratty, reuniting the duo as they happily sail the loser boat home, with the remaining lucky 7 campers being happy that Bratty & Catty are reunited.

Day 19: Wawanakwa Gone Wild (Victory: Litten)

Animal Catching Assignments

The lucky 7 contestants are making like great rangers & game wardens for today's challenge & has 8 hours to trap a wild animal & brings it back to the campground unharmed. The first to catch their animal wins invincibility & a meal of all of their favourite foods, while last one to catch their animal gets a penalty on cleaning the wash rooms. The animal assignments are as follows:

  • Applejack - Deer (Extremely Protective)
  • Carol - Wolf (Pack of Wolves)
  • Ching - Duck (Flapper the Raging Duck)
  • Litten - Tiger (Normal)
  • Meng Huo - Bear (Boxer/Wrestler)
  • Numbuh 5 - Skunk (Mobian Female Skunk)
  • Wade - Gorilla & Snake (Snakerilla Fusion)

However, SplitSide gets an idea on twisting the assignments with Muggshot's help. The 7 tried their best to catch their animals, Applejack having trouble with an extremely over protective deer, Carol running from a pack of wolves, Ching under attack by a raging duck, Meng Huo wrestling a boxing / wrestling bear, Numbuh 5 with a Mobian girl Skunk & her Skunk gas & Wade's encounter with a fusion known as the Snakerilla. However, after some time, Litten manages to befriend a Tiger & takes the tiger to camp, winning invincibility & the dinner, while Numbuh 5 comes in 2nd with her Mobian skunk girl, followed by Wade with his Snakerilla butler in 3rd, Ching with her Flapper the Raging Duck in 4th, Meng Huo, with the boxing wrestling bear in 5th, Carol in 6th with her raging wolf & Applejack with her lassoed dear in 7th.

Campfire Ceremony (Eliminated: Ching)

With Litten already having her marshmellow & only 5 left, the ceremony begins. The marshmellows go to as it follows... Wade & Numbuh 5... Carol... Applejack. Only Ching & Meng Huo were left & one must advance to the Final 6, while the other spends his or her last day on Blunt Island. The Final Marshmellow goes to... Meng Huo. Ching was eliminated & her dreams of her dojo has been dashed, but the final 6 has no other choice, but they were proud of her either way. Ching leaves the island in 7th Place Overall, leaving the Final 6 to be handcuffed together in 3 teams of 2 (Wade & Meng Huo, Carol & Litten and Applejack & Numbuh 5) for tomorrow's tag team challenge.

Day 20: Trial by Tri-Armed TriAnthlon (Victory: 3-Way Tie)

Tri-Armed TriAnthlon (Wade & Meng Huo vs. Carol & Litten vs. Applejack & Numbuh 5)

The Final 6 are ready for the Tri-Armed Trianthlon, with Wade & Meng Huo vs. Carol & Litten vs. Applejack & Numbuh 5, starting with the First of 3 challenges, Competitive Chow Down with the feeders feeding the eaters while the eaters put their hands behind their backs to make it more difficult for the feeders. The winners were Carol & Litten in the First Round. The 2nd Round is the Curse Breaker Challenge on Shipwreck Island to break the curse by returning the pieces of the Crown to the cave where it belongs, with Meng Huo & Wade being the first to make it. After the curse has been broken, the 3rd challenge is the Totem Pole of Shame & Humiliation on assembling the wooden heads on the order on which the elimimated contestants have voted out, Meng Huo & Wade we're gonna win, but after realising that the females are vunarable to eliminations, thinking that everyone will lose, Wade accidently knocks over their tower, causing Applejack & Numbuh 5 to complete the Totem Pole instead, leaving everyone to be vunurable elimination instead.

Campfire Ceremony (Eliminated: Litten)

Things took a nasty turn for the worst real fast as somehow with Applejack, Numbuh 5 and Meng Huo getting the marshmellows, Despite his mistake, Wade still get his marshmallow thanks to an unknown source who voted him to stay. Before deciding on either Carol and Litten, The crew get more concern and even some people backstage feeling upset. Wade feel guilty for cheating knowing he wanting to do what he can for the perfect wedding with Jazmin, Feeling like life doing more harm to him again just like before as Wade about to give up. Every try to comfort Wade as peer preasure was getting worst for everyone. Without saying much, Litten toss her marshmallow away and left to the Boat of Loser, Eliminating herself. The campers get extremely angry with Splitside tearing the team apart and decided to maul him after the show was over as Splitside rush to his speed boat to sail to the Luxury Resort Island.

Day 21: Haute Camp-Ture

Luxery Resort Island

Ash, Bratty, Catty, Dimitri, Disco Kid, Fury, Wildcat, Jarek, Johnny Cage, King K.Rool, Meng Huo, Litten, Ripper Roo, Shiro, Wendy & Zazz all get to spend their time together in the Luxery Resort Island, with Litten joining as their newest arrival. They each get to talk about the Top 5, starting with Meng Huo, Carol, Numbuh 5, Wade & Applejack in order. It seems that each of them have their own opinions of the Top 5, but most of them seem to be positive & it's still anyone's game.

Elimination Vote (Eliminated: Applejack)

The Eliminated Contestants have been given a chance to vote someone out, starting with Bratty & Catty who accidently voted for Applejack, but due to SplitSide's rule bending trickery, everyone, including a returning Failman, also accidently voted out Applejack, much to their anger & rage, similar to how the Final 5 reacted when Litten was eliminated previous episode. With Applejack's accidental elimination, that leaves only Carol, Meng Huo, Numbuh 5 & Wade left as the Final 4, but not before the Eliminated Contestant, minus Failman, begins to brutally attack SplitSide as an angry mob, with Applejack joining in with a guitar in hand, warning Splitside to run.

Day 22: Cast-Away Campers

Desserted Island

During a heavy rainstorm, Carol, Meng Huo, Numbuh 5 & Wade all got swept away to a deserted island & were surprised & shocked that they were all lost & were adrifted to a deserted island, along with their cabins. They manage to calm each other & had to work together to survive on the island together with Numbuh 5 building shelter, Meng Huo catching dangerous animals to cook meat, Carol climb up the palm trees to collect fruits & coconuts & berries, while Wade struggles to catch some slippery fish, while having his lower body getting infested by piranha. Carol helps out Wade while giving him berries to eat, only to accidently feed him poisonous berries, but Carol was unsure which ones are normal or poisonous, causing Wade to have a crazy imagination bootleg game trip, with two new friends, Wally Volleyball, a volleyball they found on the shore & was marked with a hand face, and the Mighty Bootleg, Wade's own boot with Google eyes. Everyone was reunited back together, but soon discovered that the island was inhabited by dangerous animals & head hunters. After being ambushed by a large snake & the head hunters, the four manage to hide away from danger & Meng Huo forms a crackerjack plan by disguising & pretending to be the head hunters themselves & manage to take out the Head Hunters & also found the rescue team's secret location in the form of SplitSide & Muggshot who were looking for them all day. Before they had time to leave, they quickly escape the island, after realising that it's also inhabited by Dinosaurs. The Team, plus Wally Volleyball & Mighty Bootleg, all head back to Blunt Island Safely

Campfire Ceremony

After a crazy day, everyone is all worn out & they must rest for the night, now knowing that the cabins must be secured into the ground. Now with the Dessert Island mishap aside, they get back to the Campfire Ceremony, however Numbuh 5 notice that they are 4 Marshmellows, one for each of them, SplitSide let them know that everyone is safe, however unbeknownence to Wade, SplitSide instead eliminates both Wally Volleyball & Mighty Bootleg & tossing both objects away & into the ocean, much to Wade's crazy sadness. But SplitSide only does that to get Wade back to his sense & it's starting to creep him out. Muggshot gives Wade the antidote to the magenta berries & Meng Huo, Carol & Numbuh 5 carries Wade back in the cabin, awaiting their next challenge for the Final 4 Quarter Finals, unaware of Muggshot being in charge of the Quarter Finals Challenge.

Day 23: Are We There Yeti? (Victory: Numbuh 5 & Wade)

Forest Traveling (Carol & Meng Huo vs. Numbuh 5 & Wade)

Upon arriving at an uncharted area of the forest in the Blunt Island, led by Muggshot, The 4 Finalists must face their Quarter Finals Challenge is to make their way out of the forest in 2 teams of two, with Carol & Meng Huo in one team with the map, binoculars, sleeping bag, bug spray & matches. And Numbuh 5 & Wade in the other with a compass, food, inflatable mattress, telescope, sun tan lotion & a tenting kit. They begin their quest to head back to camp in teams of 2, knowing that they set up camp before sundown & be on the look out for an even more dangerous Mama Sasquatchnakwa. They were lost at first until Numbuh 5 notices the only path back to main camp is in the north through the unsafe route, Wade & Numbuh5 goes first, while Carol & Meng Huo were not to far behind, trying to make sure they're safe. After Wade saving Carol & Meng Huo, Soon all 4 campers met up with the Mama Sasquatchnakwa & they got into a big tussle with it while it flings Numbuh 5 & Wade back to Main Camp, while Carol & Meng Huo tries putting the Mama to sleep with choloroform, while Meng Huo holds the Mama down while Carol helps use the Chloroform to make the Mama pass out from exhaustion, but both realised that Wade & Numbuh 5 made it first & has won Double Invincibility, punching their ticket to the Final 3 Semi Finals.

Campfire Ceremony (Eliminated: Meng Huo)

With only Wade & Numbuh 5 safe from Elimination, only Carol & Meng Huo remain to see who truly earned the final spot & the last marshmellow goes to... Carol, for being a bit more active on putting the Mama Sasquatchnakwa to sleep, then Meng Huo. With Meng Huo eliminated, he said his farewell goodbyes & wishes the Final 3 the best of luck, even if it means it's a competition. With that, only Carol, Numbuh 5 & Wade are left in the Final 3.

Day 24: I Triple Dog Dare You! (Victory: Numbuh 5 & Wade)

Spin the Bottle: Sudden Death Version

After eating their Delicious Pancakes. The Challenge is very unique when the Eliminated Campers (Ash, Bratty & Catty, Ching, Dimitri Loustaeu, Disco Kid, Fury, I Am Wildcat, Jarek, Johnny Cage, King K.Rool, Meng Huo, Litten, Ripper Roo, Shiro, Wendy & Zazz.) had been asked for ideas & they have loads of them that has been inspired to create TDI's version of Spin the Bottle called "I Triple Dog Dare You!". Each player of the Final 3 get to take turns spinning the bottle, the eliminated person that the bottle points to determines the dare you'll preform. You have two options of either taking the Dare yourself & win a "Get-Out-Of-Dare" Freebie. (Holds a soda bottle as a freebie) Or dare someone else to do it. However if someone chickens out of the dare will automatically be eliminated & placed 3rd. Numbuh 5 starts off the game first, then Carol next & finally Wade in a cycle order with dares, which are:

  • Applejack's Dare - Last 10 Seconds on a Wild Bronco (Preformed by Numbuh 5)
  • Disco Kid's Dare - Win a Boxing Match against a Boxing Kangaroo (Preformed by Carol)
  • Bratty & Catty's Dare - Tell Zazz that Catty's Pregnant with her child in case he didn't know (Preformed by Wade)
  • Ripper Roo's Dare - Go through a Small TNT Bonus Level without getting blown up (Preformed by Numbuh 5)
  • Ash's Dare - Cover the Front with Bees (Passed on to Wade by Carol / Prefromed by Wade)
  • Zazz's Dare - Chow down on a Glamburger with a side of Dog Food (Passed on to Numbuh 5 by Wade) (Preformed by Numbuh 5)
  • I Am Wildcat's Dare - Race & Place Top 3 in the Rainbow Road in Mario Kart 6 with a Kart with bad turning. (Passed on to Carol by Numbuh 5) (Use Freebie to be Skipped by Carol)
  • Zazz's Dare - Dodge Shooting Stars from Zazz's Moon Mech (Preformed by Carol)
  • Dimitri's Dare - Listen to the Sandstorm Meme with Headphones (Preformed by Wade)
  • Johnny Cage's Dare - Drink his Cancelled Energy Drink (Passed on to Carol by Numbuh 5) (Preformed by Carol)
  • Shiro's Dare - Jump on a Motorcycle from a ramp & use a bowling ball to get a strike against 10 Pins (Preformed by Carol)

Challenge Aftermath (Eliminated: Carol)

However during Shiro's Challenge, Carol did the dare just fine, until she failed to knock over 10 pins, instead she knocked down 9, so Carol is eliminated & gets 3rd Place with a new TDI Bronze Medal, while Numbuh 5 & Wade made their way to the Final 2 in the Grand Finale.

Day 25: The Very Last Episode, Really!

Grand Finale Obstacle Course

The Final Challenge is the Reject Olympic Relay Race on competing 3 olympic events cross the finish line first to win it all! Both Numbuh 5 & Wade begins their race with climbing up the flag poles to retrieve enough coloured flags as they can while climbing down the flagpoles, they manage to use their athletic skills to catch as many coloured flags as possible. Next they must cross a balance beam, carrying an eagles egg over a gorge filled with sharks, to the other side while avoiding the protective mother eagles. After placing the eggs in the nest, they must do a long distance run through a maze with traps like flame throwers, spike pits, giant clams, cheese graters & much to Wade's fear, Educational Television. While Numbuh 5 tries to find Wade while listening to some tunes in her headphones with a strangely Wade shaped Radio, Wade comes out of the headphones to tackle Numbuh 5 down the long bumping hill & continues going on the run, avoiding love bullets, ninja carrots, even a giant boulder.


Character Cast

X = Eliminated


Contestants (2/23)


  • Sitting Ducks - Jump off a cliff to the safe zone. The winning team get extra parts to work on the Hot Tub in the next challenge.
    • Advantage: Ice Clubs
    • Winner: The Sponge Lads
  • The Awake-A-Thon - After running to the lake for a feast, Both team need to stay awake. The team who still have a member awake win invincibility.
    • Feast: Applejack, Carol, Numbuh 5, Ching, Litten Siti, Shiro & Wade
    • Winner: The Ice Club
  • DodgeBall (Best of 5 Games) - A Classic 3 out of 5 Game of Dodgeball. The Winning Team gets to enjoy the Gym to relax & play basketball.
    • Round 1: The Ice Clubs (Sole Survivor: Litten Siti)
    • Round 2: The Sponge Lads (Sole Survivors: Zazz, Numbuh 5 & Ash)
    • Round 3 & 4: Sponge Lads/Ice Clubs
    • Round 5: Sponge Lads (Sole Survivor: Meng Huo)
    • Winner: The Sponge Lads
  • Talent Contest - 3 of the Best Talents on each team compete for Muggshot's approval.
    • Sponge Lads: 25 in total. (Applejack: 7/10, Meng Huo: 8.5/10 & Carol Tea: 9.5/10)
    • Ice Clubs: 26 in total. (Litten Siti: 8/10, Ching: 8/10 & Wade: 10/10)
    • Winner: The Ice Clubs
  • Camping Trip - Spend one night in the woods while watching out for bears, while hurrying back to the MainCamp first by the next morning.
    • Winner: The Ice Clubs
  • Phobia Factor - Face your fears to score points for the team. The team with the Most people who faced their fears, wins.
    • Sponge Lads: 5 (Carol, Disco Kid, Applejack, Ash & Johnny Cage)
    • Ice Clubs: 4 (Ripper Roo, Bratty, Wendy's & Ching)
    • Winner: The Sponge Lads
  • Canoe Trip - First paddle the canoes to Spinal's Shipwreck Island & portage the canoes to the other side of the island to make a rescue fire on the beach & paddle the canoes back to Blunt Island, the first team to make it back to the island on the beach wins. The Winning Team will win a Helicopter Ride back to Blunt Island
    • Best Rescue Fire/Winner: The Sponge Lads
  • Paintball Deer Hunt - Each Team of Hunters has to hunt & splatter as many Deer from the Opposing Team as they can. The Team who Splaters the most members from the Opposing Team wins. The Winning Team will enjoy a Splatoon Shindig tonight with special guest stars, the Squid Sisters.
    • Ice Clubs Hunters: Ching, Shiro, Wade & Wendy
    • Ice Clubs Deer: Bratty, Catty & Litten Siti
    • Sponge Lads Hunters: Disco Kid, Johnny Cage, Numbuh 5 & Zazz
    • Sponge Lads Deer: Applejack, Ash, Carol & Meng Huo
    • Final Score Tally: Ice Clubs - 8/8, Sponge Lads - 4/7
    • Non Splattered Survivors: None (Sponge Lads) Ching, Wendy & Bratty (Ice Clubs)
    • Winners: The Ice Clubs
  • Cooking Challenge - Each Team cooks a 3 Course Meal to be judged by SplitSide & Muggshot. The Winning Team with the best Meals overall, wins a reward which is a 5-Star Dinner under the Stars.
    • Round 1 (Appetisers): Sponge Lads
    • Round 2 (Main Course): Ice Clubs
    • Round 3 (Dessert): Sponge Lads
    • Winners: Sponge Lads
  • The 5 Trust Challenges - The Challenge is all about building trust by 2 members of each team for each challenge. The Team who earns the most Trust Points, namely 3 out of 5, wins.
    • Round 1 (Rock Climbing) - Climb your way to the Top, while the partner hoist him or her up to prevent them from crashing. Reaching the Top is the key to winning the first round.
    • Round 2 (Extreme Cooking) - Prepare "Fugu Sashimi", the traditional Japanese Blowfish, safely by carefully cutting the meat around the poisonous organs without puncturing it. Best Dish Overall wins the round.
    • Round 3-5 (Three Blind Challenges) - The Last 3 Rounds are Blindfold Challenges where their partner will be blindfolded to participate in the challenge.
      • Round 3: Blind William Tell (Vice Versa) - The First Blindfold Challenge is a safer Vice Versa version of William Tell challenge, which is knocking an arrow off of the partner's head with a slingshot & apples, while the shooter will be Blindfolded. The First Team to do so wins the 3rd Round.
      • Round 4: Blind Trapeeze - The Second Blindfold Challenge is preforming a Trapeeze Stunt over a Pond of Angry Jellyfish, the partner swinging on the trapeze has to shout the blindfolded jumper to jump at the right time to be caught. The Team who is successful on the stunt, wins the 4th Round.
      • Round 5: Blind Toboggan Race - The Final Blindfold Challenge & the Final Trust Challenge overall is to race the Toboggan down the hill, with a Driver being blindfolded & a Navigator to help the Driver navigate their way down safely, the Winning Team who crosses the finish line Dow now the hill, first, wins the 5th & Final Round.
  • Muggshot's Boot Camp - Endure Muggshot's Boot Camp Training until the last person standing wins Immunuity for his or her team.
  • Extreme Sports Challenge - Teams must win 2 out of 3 challenges to win a trip to Multi Massage Mobile Shower
    • Extreme Sofa Bed Skydiving - One member from each team must sky dive from 5000 feet & land safely on a sofa bed target below.
    • Extreme Bronco Riding - One member from each team must ride the Spanish El Toro & the Great Canadian Bucking Moose for the maximum 8 seconds.
    • Extreme Seadune Water Skiing - Teams of 2 must have a driver & a skier to capture the most flags on the race track & cross the line to win.


  1. 24th/Last: Failman (The Ice Club, Eliminated for letting his fail mojo ruined the Hot Tub event.)
  2. 23rd: Jarek the Echidna (The Sponge Lads, Eliminated for not doing much in the past few events.)
  3. 22nd: Wildcat (The Ice Club, Elimiafed for being terrible at Dodgeball)
  4. 21st: Dimitri Lousteau (The Sponge Lads, Eliminated for his unfriendly judgement on Wade due to past events)
  5. 20th: Vector the Crocodile (The Sponge Lads, Eliminated for his accident on tripping over the log, dropping Wade to the Main Camp Site first, costing the Sponge Lads the challenge)
  6. 19th: King K.Rool (The Ice Clubs, Eliminated Despite Shiro costing the team the challenge, but due to Wade's Vote saving Shiro, due to King K.Rool lack of being trustworthy & a bit hard to deal with)
  7. 18th: Ripper Roo (The Ice Clubs, Eliminated for his lack of arms & craziness slowing down the team, causing the Sponge Lads to catch up on the shore)
  8. 17th: Ash Mongoose (The Sponge Lads, Eliminated for his way too Obvious Hiding Spot during the Paintball Deer Hunt & because of one lucky vote, from Litten of the Ice Clubs, saved Meng Huo from elimination)
  9. 16th: Bratty (The Ice Clubs, Eliminated for telling her team about the last second fail, which they are out of Oreos & failed for using Coal to improvise)
  10. 15th: Disco Kid (The Sponge Lads, Eliminated for being the Weakest Link of the Team, due to his Boxing Gloves)
  11. 14th: Wendy's (The Ice Clubs, Eliminated because of the lucky votes from both Meng Huo & Carol, saved Litten & Shiro respectively to help give them a second chance on becoming friends without being tortured or from anxiety respectively)
  12. 13th: Johnny Cage (The Sponge Lads, Eliminated because not only it was the Sponge Lads' Toughest Decision yet, it is also because that due to Zazz's Heartfelt Rescue to save Catty, the Sponge Lads have no other choice but to eliminate Johnny Cage, also the fact he'd run helter skelter by the Bull & the Moose during the rest of the Episode)
  13. 12th: Failman (Eliminated because of being too easy a target from everyone)
  14. 11th: Zazz (Eliminated because of Wade's Heroic save, stopping the Monty Python rabbit from harming Shiro)
  15. 10th: Fury (Was Unfairly Eliminated, even with Invincibility, due to Deimos of the Protection Agency finally catches Fury on the Island due to his TNT & Demolition Crimes & Fury escapes, eliminating himself)
  16. 9th: Shiro the Tiger (Was Eliminated in the Motorcross Challenge / Sudden Death Elimination, while being the last one to cross, due to Meng Huo & Litten already wiped out & didn't complete the race & didn't cross the line at all)
  17. 8th: Catty (Was Eliminated for her own safety of her newborn baby)
  18. 7th: Ching
  19. 6th: Litten (Eliminated Herself after realising the harsh reality of Game Shows that has driving everyone to heart ache & plus she doesn't really know what to do with the prize money anyway)
  20. 5th: Applejack (Accidently Eliminated because of SplitSide's rule bending on the Voting Eliminations by the Eliminated Contestants, even Failman who seals her Elimination)
  21. 4th: Meng Huo (Eliminated for being a bit less active than Carol on putting the Mama Sasquatchnakwa to sleep)
  22. 3rd (Bronze): Carol (Eliminated for failing to complete Shiro's Dare on scoring a strike while jumping off a Motorcycle from a Ramp)
  23. 2nd (Silver): Wade Neon (It was a Close Photo Finish, but Numbuh 5 wins)
  24. 1st (Gold): Numbuh 5 (It was a Close Photo Finish but Numbuh 5 wins)


  • This is the first saga to be based on a TV Series, which is rare in some case since most saga are based off games or movies.
    • Even more given this is a TV Show IceLoverMei don't really like, Thou the main idea was given to do it under the idea of a simulator based on it.
    • This is extra with Spongebob100 help since he saw the show and may have a good idea on some events, like the camping episode will include a bear.
  • Wade appear to have a talent in playing a guitar, Mostly playing through his soul for his care for Jazmin Kimmy.
  • Blunt Island, Despite being the most dangerous island ever existed, Is also special as any events from other sagas tend to stay away from it or never bother hitting it.
  • Failman is the only former contestant to return for a 2nd chance, while Fury the Tasmanian Devil is the only new contestant to debut in the 2nd Half of the Competetion.
    • Failman is also the only contestant who get eliminated twice after only 1 day.
  • Fury was the first contestant to be unfairly eliminated, even with Invincibility, due to the Protection Agency hunted him down for his TNT & demolition crimes.
    • Same with Litten, Who was eliminated do to peer pressure.
    • Applejack was also the 3rd camper to be unfairly eliminated, due to SplitSide's rule bending making the Eliminated Contestants accidently vote her out.
  • Shiro & Carol were the only contestants to be eliminated via Sudden Death Challenge, without a Campfire Ceremony.
  • Catty was the only one of two contestants to be eliminated for their own safety medical reasons, while Disco Kid is the other contestant to also be eliminated for his own safety when he is being paralyzed by a poisonous blowfish.